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Anyone know good techniques in surfing? 
personally I cant surf to save me life but surfing because sucking in everything else gets boring after a while.


Also this is the first post in the section which means that I am four parallel universes ahead of you.


But yeh surfing tekneeks pls

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You wanna use A and D keys only. which ever key you use you need to look in that direction constantly. For Example, lets say you are on the right side of the surf, you are gonna want to glide using your left side key which is A and keep a steady vision pointing ahead of you. you can practice "strafing" in a normal match by just running forward and as soon as you jump you need to let go of W and immediately hold either A or D and which ever one you hold you need to move your mouse that way until you land. Do not stop moving your mouse in the direction of the strafe until you touch ground again. Hope this helps !

P.s- Former CSGO god, #sponsoredbyburgerking

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