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MilitaryRP Update [10/16/2020]


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What a terrible owner does nothing to help MRP but play phasmophobia and stream him mapping.

Jokes aside this update looks really really good, glad the promotion system is fixed and also other big things like NPC'S. Keep up the great work 

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Handcuffs are going to be amazing for kidnaps now that it will make it harder for privates to failRP when kidnapped. NPCs seem like they will be nice probably play better then most of the 11B PVTs too. Overall sounds like it will be a nice fun update keep up the good work Garnet.

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8 hours ago, Garnet said:

All the shotguns found above should now have a nerfed range damage/damage drop

Fuck. Now 2GA needs to find another meta.

But overall a really cool update, I'm excited to use those handcuffs and see what interesting roleplay occurs from this, should definitely help make the server more interesting.


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Just now, Millerjerm said:

We need to get rules for the cuffs implemented so people get punished for doing stuff like that it should clear things up.

Without sounding like a douche, it's almost like they only have two purposes.. kidnap/rp scenarios and correctional measures to minges.

Anything other than that should be awarded with a FailRP warn/ban and a blacklist.

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