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MilitaryRP Public Map Testing & Taking the community to the next level!

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Awesome work man, ive been watching you over time since you started with this and its unbelievable how great it is, i cant wait for map testing to start and for signs, why not position them, so if its in a very popular place on the map where it will be constantly seen, make it bigger and raise the price, but for areas that aren't so popular in activity, make them smaller and a small price to pay

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Ayyy community events sound fun asf, even small ones like playin scribble was fun ash.

I've tuned in to a couple streams, these maps look sick asf and I can tell they take a shit ton of effort to make.


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29 minutes ago, Garnet said:

Feel free to help me out.

From your previous screenshots it looks like they are varying in size and obviously in location. How many sizes are there and where are the locations?

Reason for my questions being, the signs with the most foot traffic should cost the most, and then adjusted for size. To give you good news (hopefully) I know 3 people who genuinely said they would pay $50 easy for a sign. Myself being a 4th

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Doing an awesome job bro. This stuff takes a while to do. And it's always best to take extra time to make sure everything is right instead of releasing early. For sure is going to be cool.

I agree with Ozzy on the sign deal. And Zach's got a good idea for the signs in the not so popular areas. Prices can always be adjusted, I think those ideas are good to start with and feel things out.

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On 11/17/2020 at 7:31 PM, TheRedBaron804 said:

I have some mod suggestions that you could check out if you want. The mods could be implemented for US and R and I feel like vehicles would play a nice role and boost interest into our server.

Use the suggestion tab in the MilitaryRP section in garrys mod.

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