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MilitaryRP Omega Bug Report Thread


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Let's note some issues with the new map by utilizing this thread, that way I can address those and potentially release the near-final version of this map come Christmas Eve (Dec 25th).

I have heard alot of members request the map be turned to a grassland for more ample cover from snipers, which I may consider depending on the outcome of this thread!

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Cons stairs are non existing ( some of them ) RR is just a big gate with no exit/ doorway there for recruits have to do /quiz before getting trained im guessing cars will be added later but ill add that and also the duel NPC is missing,


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1 minute ago, Rust said:

Ammo crates are moveable. (Unless that's been fixed)

At least one of them in RU base is still moveable.

I think the shipment cap point might be a bit too large (it extends out to the parking lot outside) so essentially you can camp the RU giant wall entrance thing while still holding cap, you don't even need to be inside to cap basically.

The ropes for the Shipment obstacle course don't show up for some players (not sure if this is a workshop issue or if it's everyone that can't see them) making tryouts that utilize that obstacle course harder than it should be.


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There’s a list in the Staff Discord of stuff Don and I have compiled. As far as what you’re asking for here:

- The ropes in the rope course in ATTC (in the same building as Shipment) are invisible

- There are still cap zone issues. You can double cap Mosque and Cons still. There are also several spots near Power Plant where you can cap at a place you definitely should not. There may be even more. Cap zones definitely need to be fine tuned.

- The ATTC 2 button at PP as many have mentioned 

Those are the bugs that I’ve seen so far. There is other work that needs to be done but based on the title of your thread, I’ll leave those for another discussion.

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having a actual room for the Recruits or at least a door, instead of a cage and having them do the /quiz, because once they are out there, they wont know how to get a gun so they will leave

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Most of the major issues have already been listed above me so i won't repeat them. 

Lighting in Mosque could use a fix. 

( Also please for gods sake don't change the map to a grassland, its literally perfect how it is ( Besides the bugs but eh) I've had the most fun on this map. Probably my favorite map) 

quick edit: here's a issue in construction


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