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[Community Event] DarkRP | Find the Easter Egg [12/2/2020]


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DarkRP Community Event

Find the hidden Easter Egg



Starting 12/2






The entire map
(minus adminland and inaccessible areas)


Prize Pot

$5,000,000 in-game currency



I've hidden an easter-egg in the map and permapropped it. 
Your objective is to find it.
First person to post a screenshot of the 'easter-egg' in this thread will get the prize.


The prop is not actually an egg.
I won't tell you what prop it is, but I will say it is a prop from the Comic Props section, and you should know when you found it.
Perma-props do not show a prop owner on the left.
It can be found by any class without the jump perk or climb swep.

This event could take a bit, so lets just say this thread is immune to necroposting if it does take a while.

If you think you may have found it but are not sure, feel free to post it here anyways and I will confirm or deny it!

If this ongoing type of event is somewhat popular I might do them more frequently.

Good luck!

The prop was found by Blitz. He has been awarded his $5,000,000.
It was a baby under the rubble in suburbs.


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Just now, poopa said:

unknown.pngi dont think thats it but i never knew that was there

not it. but there is an easter egg there left by evity. If you go to that pumpkin at a server restart, there is a $10,000 cash stack left there that he permapropped.

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1 minute ago, MisterShankie said:

I doubt this is it, but I found this lmao 20201202182357_1.jpg


nope! always been there.

Remember guys the prop is in the Comic Props section, and wont have a prop owner.

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That looks like a watermelon hat left behind from a person using franklin that died. 

Not it though keep lookin

2 minutes ago, MisterShankie said:

20201202184221_1.jpgTHIS HAS GOT TO BE IT PROGGY! COME ON!


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