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DarkRP Update [12/13/2020]


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4 hours ago, Garnet said:

It's about that time of the year, except for where me and Proggy are, the hellhole of Florida. It's currently almost 80 degrees here.

better than usual at least tbh, I'm just glad it's not as hot compared to summertime Florida lmao.


Snow is wack IRL anyways so I'm not complaining about the weather kek

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Once I woke up I went to my computer and turned it back on and I come on and see snow right in front on me. I legit screamed out holy fucking shit there is snow and then my parents came in and yelled :p. But other then that I really appriciate the work you have put in for this update Garnet, especially when you have been sick for the past couple of weeks. I love everything that you have implemented this time. 

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6 hours ago, Garnet said:



Being that the Facepunch team is more-so fixated on finishing up the S&Box project, it's safe to say a radio addon will not be supported through HTML5 for a long time to come.

the time has come

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