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MilitaryRP Update [12/15/2020]


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UPDATE CURRENTLY UNDER PROGRESS - please help me out by commenting as to how you personally believe weapons should be modified. I have a general idea of what i wish to do, but I will adjust it based off of community criticism.

Thank you!



War System

Capture Points

Shipment's cap size has been reduced by 18%

Construction's cap size has been reduced by 20%




Weapon Rebalancing

Globally, the following changes have been made

Assault Rifles

In progress


Light Machine Guns

In progress


Sub-machine Guns

In progress



In progress



In progress


Designated Marksman Rifle

In progress




In progress


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DISCLAIMER - this is just in general and not specifically targeted to a particular weapon within these categories 

- LMGs need more mounting points - they play well whilst mounted and they aren't playable otherwise

- Shotguns remove the Slug round - Factions have a marksmen class they don't need a sniper shotty

-SMGs Increase aim spread and increase damage drop off - The SMGs are meant for CQC primarily but are way to good at medium range currently

-ARs Lower Aim Spread and decrease fire rates - The ARs are well balanced I believe they just require a small amount of tweaking to make them fit there purpose better-

-Marksmen Rifles increase damage and decrease recoil  - Marksmen rifles are very underused as they get out done by snipers, they need to be able to 1 shot head shot consistently and do around 80 dmg a body shot , the current recoil does not allow players to consistently 2 shot an opponent without a large time between shots. 






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right now are under powered should received buff in damage all ARs and SMGs can outgunned them by like 5x

30% Damage buff or 

Example M60 Damage 35 +30% = 45 roughly 



Shotguns ranges to be nerfed  slugs and flechette rounds are fine for the Normal
rounds you can do ridiculous ranges on it 

just really need to nerf the normal rounds range


Marksman rifles are underused right now do to its firerate recommendation increase the firerate of it up to 40% or 30% if all marksman Rifle


SMG/ARS Should get aimspread reduce of 40% 


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DISCLAIMER:  This is Aimed at guns I have used 

- AK103 Hit Reg on the Gun Seems to be off almost all the time-

- Sa80 Hit Reg on the Gun Seems to be off Almost all the Time-

- AEK this gun is god tier at CQC and MID ranges needs FireRate lowered and Aim spread Reduced for a More balanced weapon-

- MP5 this gun is god tier at CQC and MID rangers needs higher aim Spread lowered DMG for a more balanced weapon-

-FMG9 does well in CQC outclassed by MP5 and Sterling,  i think this gun sets where the smgs should be sitting-

-Sterling Basically a slightly worse MP5 at CQC, however is way to powerful at mid range, requires aim spread increase -

-Vector Basically acts SMG/AR hybrid need a attachment to add more ammo in mag and requires small increase in aim spread and slightly lowered damage-

-Super90 ITS A SNIPER this gun is a 1/2 shot from across map depending on rounds requires an overhaul, Increase spread, increase damage drop off,-

-Serbu ITS A SNIPER Basically the super90 but a more reliable 1 shot at medium distance requires an overhaul, Increase spread, increase damage drop off-


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12 hours ago, Soap- said:

DISCLAIMER:  This is Aimed at guns I have used 

Please focus on gun categories as opposed to one singular weapon at a time.


Funny how the MRP community loves to complain and judge, but this thread has only accumulated 3 responses in the past 14 or so hours. Please chime in, otherwise don't complain of a "broken gunplay field"

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This might be a little far fetched but one suggestion I have regarding weapons is to adjust weapon damage to be correlated to ammunition type i.e. the 5.45x39 weapons all do the same damage in the same class of weapons. This would mean that all of the AKs chambered in 7.62x39 would do the same damage but the SKS might do more as it is a different weapon class being a DMR. Along with this possibly have certain attachments be unique to certain guns so there is a reason to use different weapons in the same caliber. 

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3 hours ago, Garnet said:

broken gunplay

Balance gun categories to themselves. For instance, every rifle has the same DPS, every SMG has the same DPS, so on and so forth. Variation within each category's respective weapons would be in fire rate and damage, where the variation between categories is in overall DPS, accuracy, spread, etc. An example of intra-category variation would be the AK and M4 having the same DPS for sake of balance, but AK has a slower rate of fire, but higher damage than the M4. Spread and accuracy are mostly the same, so it all boils down to a matter of preference. A good metric to judge this by is ammo caliber. The biggest problem something like this would run into is tick-rate influencing rate of fire, which may cause a wonky effect when the fire delay is less than the tick rate (Ex. When the tick rate is 16Hz , the server updates every 1/16th of a second, or 0.0625s. The P90 has a default fire delay of 0.067. When the fire rate is faster than or close to the tick rate, weird things start happening). 

The equation for finding RPS based on damage and DPS is simply RPS = DPS/dmg. The code (SWEP.FireDelay) input for rate of rife, based on the above assumption that the fire delay is the duration of a tick * a multiplier, can be calculated via FireDelay = 1/RPS. (eg. Fire rate of 19 rnds/s is a fire delay 0.053)

An example, using ambiguous value ranges:

Submachine Guns:

Static DPS: approx. 300 dmg/s
Damage: 22 - 27 dmg
RPS: 11-14 rnds/s

(SMG's can be given damage anywhere in that range, but must have a ROF that makes the DPS equal 300. That's the idea here.) 

From that premise, the other stats can be modified within reason to both control to speed of gameplay, and compensate for other features that might give weapons an advantage. Two SMG's with the same damage and fire rate might have different spread values because one SMG has a 60 round drum. The point is to establish a standard for the categories stat wise, create balance, and then add variations for the specific weapons from there, create imbalance. The core stats should be static depending on what type of gameplay is desired, but the variables other than that are pretty much up entirely for interpretation, because there are a lot of factors in play.

I shouldn't have to say how the weapon categories should actually work, but just in case. 

Automatic Rifles - The be the most versatile weapons. Fire rates for any assault rifles shouldn't even come close to an SMG, and they should pretty much be ineffective at super close or super long ranges. A good middle ground, with variations for larger calibers, as mentioned before. 

SMGs - The easiest way to waste an urban map is to allow SMGs to dominate all encounters. SMGs should have a significant rate of fire, but not be bullet hoses. Compensate for capacity and caliber (A PP-Bizon with its big ass tube shouldn't be on the upper end of fire rate). SMGs should be most useful at close range, but suffer a severe damage and accuracy penalty even remotely long ranges. 

Shotguns - Should effectively be a preference substitute to SMGs, in which volume of fire is sacrificed for the one-shot in close range. Make use of modified ammo attachments and chokes and shit. Base pellet spread should be pretty wide. 

DMRs - DMRs really need to be specialized ARs in practice. Semi-auto, slow fire rate but not sluggish. ACCURATE, BUT NOT PRECISE. Used to reach out at longer ranges than an AR is viable for, but still more versatile than a sniper. Shouldn't dominate the sniper rifle's niche, but shouldn't occupy to much space in the realm of AR's either. (Note: If DMR's are still the weirdly modified M14 and shit, there's a better way to do that). 

Precision Rifles - The purpose is in the name; precision. Sniper rifles are the only weapon that should be both accurate and precise at long ranges. To compensate for having a near infinite reach, highly specialized sniper rifles should only really be useful at just that; sniping. While there are a lot of ways to do this, I think the best way is what was experimented with in the past with the hold-breath feature. Shots taken while the user is not holding their breath will lose suffer serious drawbacks to accuracy, requiring snipers to actually be used like snipers, freeing up space for DMRs to be used as more mobile ranged weapons. (Another Note: I don't actually know where the code for the hold-breath stuff is, otherwise I'd have an actual solution here. Someone let me know). 

LMGs - I think a lot of big FPS titles have started to figure out how to use LMGs, and I think the same concept is applicable here through CW, given weapon mounting is a thing. Fairly certain that every LMG has the ability to attach or has a default bipod available (even the HMG). Back in csdesert, bipod-M60s were actually super common, and I think there's merit in rewarding static positioning and weapon emplacement. While off the bipod, LMGs should basically just be bigger, less maneuverable ARs, but much more accurate in sustained fire with the bipod. I might be a little late on this, but keeping bipod mounting in consideration when constructing cover in and around objectives might be a way to expand on the idea. (Another note; Spread increase is a good way to punish LMG users for not stabilizing their weapon). 

Sidearms - Lastly, pistols and revolvers. There was a suggestion by Bendak a while back to change how pistols work, and the outcome was a huge accuracy and weapon change speed buff. While it was neat, it doesn't really do much to make pistols combat viable, and they've only really been used in combat consistently maybe once or twice (OTS, SR1-M). I think that pistols should be adjusted for what calibers they use, both revolvers and semi-automatics. Sidearms should be quick, maneuverable, and dangerous at super close range in order to make the actually useful in high-paced combat. I'm talking two-three shots for a kill, but damage is drops off dramatically outside of 10-15 meters. Revolvers should have the same DPS as the semi-automatics, but much higher damage to compensate for capacity and fire rate, as well as slightly increased range. 


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1 hour ago, Garnet said:

but this thread has only accumulated 3 responses

Soap pretty much said what we all probably have to say. If you're looking at gun categories, shotguns as a whole need need a rework with damage drop off i

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Average Dmg from 27 > 32

Have the Range 75-100

Firerate Ranging from 800-1000 instead of 800-1200

Have hip spread range around 30-40%

Spread per shot 7.5%-15%

Max Spread Inc 25-35%

Recoil 30-45%

Average dmg 33 > 38

Firerate 600-800 

Hip spread is good at 45-50%

Spread per shot now 10-20%

Max spread inc now 40-55%

Recoil 35-50%

Damage is good besides M249. Maybe have it range 38-42

Fire rate 600-650 or just 600 flat

Hip spread 70-80%

Spread per shot 5-10%

Max spread inc 35-45%

Recoil 55-65%

Range from 75 > 40

Damage falloff 48 > 60

Recoil around 100 for auto shotties and 133% for pumps

Honestly fine, maybe give the SKS more sights.

Firerate 40-45

Hip spread 150%-200%

Deploy time 1.25

Reload times: 5 round mags = 3 seconds, 10 round mags = 4.25 seconds, individual bullet loaders = 2 seconds per bullet
Essentially, increase the damage of LMGs, SMGs, and ARs, decrease the aim spread of those classes, but increase the recoil. Remove the RNG, have the bullets pack more of a punch, but still include a skill gap with controlling recoil
I didn’t want LMGs to go bonkers, so it was a smallish change to start. If they are still lackluster, I’d lower firerate to 450-500, increase damage to around 44, and reduce the aimspread per shot and max aimspread even further

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The AEK is a CQC god tier AR weapon. It can shred at both close to mid range (AEK is the only AR imo that is actually effective mid range). So my suggestion here would be to lower the rate of fire on the AEK so that it can no longer absolutely dominate in CQC, but can be very effective at the range which AR's should be used anyways (mid range engagements). For the damage the AEK can dish out, it being as effective as it is in CQC is just not healthy.

I'd say the other AR's should actually be more in line with the AEK so that it isn't the reigning king of AR's anymore, and they're all enjoyable to use. These weapons should be hard hitting at mid range, but laughably inefficient in CQC due to a lower fire rate than SMG's. There is also no reason the AK105 which has 21 round mag cap, should play like an SMG.

SMG's should be Pea shooters at mid-long, but unparalleled in CQC capability by anything other than shotguns. The MP5 should not be able to map an unlucky player wandering into it's laser precision from afar. As far as they go, the MP5A5 is dominant in this category, and it shouldn't be. FMG-9 and PP-19 should be absolutely god tier at hipfiring, but they're still outclassed by the MP5. Both weapons are ineffective as fuck at anything not CQC. Yet they do less in CQC than the MP5, which again, has the ability to map people. I'd say considering they're literally only effective in CQC, bringing their base damage up just slightly to equal the MP5 would do them some good. Again, due to poor recoil, and insane ROF, these weapons cannot be effectively used at mid range. I'd also say give the MP5 similar stats to the G36C. It can shred, but only in CQC as it should.

DMR's are awful in terms of, well everything really. The rate of fire on them is just strange. They feel clunky to use as well. In my opinion, being that they are semi-auto weapons they should be semi-auto. But currently they just feel like snipers with less damage output. When I shoot the M14 for example, it should respond to my mouse click following each shot. So it would be "clickshoot clickshoot clickshoot" but instead it's this weird "clickshoot          clickshoot         clickshoot". I'd say slightly increasing ROF would definitely help in the long run. Especially for players who have no choice other than to use the DMR's (11B Marksman, 2GA Marksman). What sucks is the SVT-40 has such a beautiful sound when shot, it looks so clean, but it just doesn't do anything that using an Orsis wouldn't do better.

Shotguns are in a weird spot where they can snipe, and CQC. At least the 2GA shotgun can snipe, the others not so much. But still, shotguns need to have far more significant damage falloff at a shorter range so that they really can only be effective at CQC range. And the shotguns are all oddly different with damage values for some reason. The UTS for example is completely unused because even with slug rounds, you can't 1 shot with it. Why? It could be argued that due to a higher round capacity it has less damage, but it's fire rate is the same as the others, therefore why does it do so little damage? The main worry with shotguns though is definitely effective range. 

LMG's are similar to DMR's where, you only really use it if you need to. 11B Demolition for example, a lot of new players get the m60 in hopes it'll be a great step up from that AR-15, but its just sad. 2GA T1 gets the PKM, which Vega also gets, which Prestige also gets. All 3 versions (which have no difference really) are just not worth using. I've seen it argued that the LMG's are meant to be mounted, but if that is true then there are too few places to mount. The mount system in general feels buggy to use, so having a weapon based around that system on a map where the places you theoretically COULD mount are either just barely too high to actually mount on, or can be easily thwarted by snipers (which the playerbase is very focused on using) you're SOL. In mid range fights, the LMG will 90% of the time lose. LMG's already have a movement debuff to use, why do they feel so unrewarding to use? I think higher DMG and lower rates of fire would be the way to go for the LMG class. 

I would have added actual stat stuff to help you out in that regard, but I don't understand the CW2 weapon stat values for shit. Mix that with being terrible at math and all I can really do is tell you how I think it should be. Even still, without me posting stats, tweaking around in the areas I mentioned may prove worthwhile!

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Here's some insight for the people who have made or are going to actually make suggestions towards the specific stat values. While many of you will use the F2 menu in game to determine and make amendments to stats, these are what the values from Garnet's side looks like:

(The values are from the default CW AR-15, for reference)
Important Variables:

            SWEP.FireDelay = 0.066666666666667
            SWEP.Recoil = 1.05
            SWEP.HipSpread = 0.045
            SWEP.AimSpread = 0.003
            SWEP.VelocitySensitivity = 1.8
            SWEP.MaxSpreadInc = 0.04
            SWEP.SpreadPerShot = 0.007
            SWEP.SpreadCooldown = 0.13
            SWEP.Damage = 28

            SWEP.DeployTime = 0.6
            SWEP.ReloadTime = 1.65
            SWEP.ReloadTime_Empty = 1.65
            SWEP.ReloadHalt = 1.9
            SWEP.ReloadHalt_Empty = 3.1

The moral of the story is that the values displayed in-game aren't exactly accurate. For example, a post about the SR-2 came up in which an image of the F2 menu was used as a baseline. The fire rate displayed in-game was "900", but the default value in the code for fire delay was 0.067. That being said, there are certain discrepancies you should be aware of when changing CW weapons, discrepancies that Garnet knows much better than me, but I still know enough. 

1 hour ago, Tora1 said:

Firerate Ranging from 800-1000

A fire rate of 1200 RPM equates to a fire delay of 0.05. Any fire delay at 0.5 or approaching that magnitude can easily cause problems when attempted in a large multiplayer server. In my opinion, scaling down the fire rates of all weapons (in a general sense) so that SMGs are still the fastest, but well away from anything approaching 1000+ RPM. Closer 800-850 RPM (Fire delay = 0.075-0.086) is probably what should be aimed for.

1 hour ago, Tora1 said:

Range 75-100

Range wasn't included with the above stats because of the way it's calculated, so some basics to understand is that 1 meter is equal to 39.37 distance units in gMod. That being said, 75-100 meters is a super far shot for an SMG firing a pistol caliber. Something that should be avoided here is allowing categories of weapons to not only fulfill their own role, but also the role of another weapon. SMG's shouldn't be a substitute for an AR, and the opposite is also true. A good standard to abide by is, when you're making a table of all the stat ranges for each weapon type, make sure that none of the similar weapons have overlapping ranges in qualities that determine their usefulness, like SMG's and rifles having a similar effective range. A better value for SMG effective range would be somewhere between 50-60m assuming damage falloff begins at 25-30m. While the menu might say that damage falloff begins at half the effective range, that value is also apart of the range calculation and it too can be overridden. 

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MP5A4/A5 does a bit too much damage in my opinion or maybe just the fire rate is too high just everyone gets SHREDDED by the MP5 and i suggest a Nerf honestly
First of all ripRandy uses this gun and he shreds everyone on the OBJ but the only way too counter him is to use the same gun but since not everyone has the MP5 it makes it very hard to take him out alone. 
The thing i want to happen is the Fire rate goes Up and the damage goes to like 20 at max (no magnum) and the recoil goes up like .5 percent but the forgrip and Suppresor make it go down (Mostly for the A4) 
A5 is something i dont have so any way to fix that just like the A4 would be great

This shit suggestion was posted by Gods

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42 minutes ago, Gods said:

MP5A4/A5 does a bit too much damage

There's a MP5A5 meta for a reason. Use it since it's good or just call the people use shit and move on.

46 minutes ago, Gods said:

since not everyone has the MP5 it makes it very hard to take him out alone

Its not hard to counter the A5. Just be good

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