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DarkRP Update [01/03/2021]

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Thanks Garnet & Proggy, you both put a whole lotta work n time on darkrp. I rly appriciate it all that you guys do for us. Love everything about this update.




Also, fixed that stupid issue where your wanted text would display from another planet.


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Life has hit rough for poor old Proggy, he went from being a normal civilised citizen to a prostitue.
Please donate 1$ to Proggy so we can hopefully help him save up enough money to afford the cure for his symptoms of his STDS and STIS

But all jokes aside well done guys thanks for the fixes

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On 1/3/2021 at 5:07 AM, Garnet said:

Starting Salary


First-time users will now spawn with $10,000 as opposed to $500


Thank goodness, now I don't feel compelled to give new players money. I'm worried that this may give minges quicker access to more powerful weapons, but I guess that just means they'll be banned faster. Good work!

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