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Rust Update [01/03/2021]

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Massive thank you to Spilq for assisting me in drafting a document by which I completed this update!


Omega 10x

Default Loadout

This will be given to players on every spawn



Loot Tables

Following some complaints by users in the span of time I was online, I had re-created the loot tables from scratch and gave them a pretty significant buff. If things didn't go quite as planned, i'm sure @Spilq could pin me a message and tell me, "hey, please remove this from X barrel, raise the odds of X items"


Map Rotation

Curated a list of map seeds in the size range of 3,500 to 3,750 for the server


Rewards Shop

This feature has been implemented into the server



Teleportation & Home

These features have been added to the servers, players may now utilize these in order to teleport to one another as well as safely set their home for a static teleport location


Information Panel

Updated to the latest version found in the rest of our servers for a more streamlined look



Remover Tool

Given permission for all users to utilized



Given all players access to the /online command




Removed the necessity for a workbench, players can craft all items at any time



Removed [Player] tag from regular players, and added bracket tags for Moderators and Administrators




Sierra 2x


Combat Kit cooldown has been raised from 10 minutes to 20 minutes





Anarchy 1000x

Temperature Functions

Cold and Hot weather no longer affects players

Hypothermia has been removed

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