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Rust Update [01/12/2021]

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Garnet Gaming

NOTICE: I was informed that Spilq and a few other reached out to our host roughly 2 days ago when our server was rubberbanding heavily for a period of 2-3 hours. I had taken it upon myself to investigate, and found that even on our test machine environments with 0 players online and a literal 10% CPU usage, the rubberbanding still occured. Anybody who was told that this is an issue on GarnetGaming's end was unfortunately lied to. For future reference, please send our host a trace route to their IP as to demonstrate to them that the issue is on their end, and perhaps get them to fix it. This would be much appreciated!

Regardless of the fact, I felt it'd be effective to push through an update for further stability for our servers, being that we've been getting an upwards of 2200 concurrent users.



All our rust servers have been given an optimization patch in some troublesome public addons that allowed for easy modifications

In total, 34 plugins have been optimized across 8 different servers


Data Save Intervals

Due to players complaining of "lag spikes" occurring on our servers, I have added a feature in that would notify all players of an upcoming data save period.

During these times, the position and attributes of a hundred thousand entities is saved along with player data, and as such, you may rubber band briefly.

Thanks to the server optimization patch pushed, I feel confident spacing out server data saving intervals to be 10 minutes apart across the board. The only downside to this, is if the server happens to crash immediately prior to a data saving intervals, the server may roll back an upwards of 9 minutes and 59 seconds at the worst case scenario.



*NEW* 3x Lambda *NEW*

A new server has been added to our aresenal, this one is based off of Sierra 2x, with all multipliers raised a further 50%

Team Limit: 3 (Trio)

Wipe: 4 day schedule


The server was never officially launched and is very much still incomplete, however, it seems to have picked up a pretty decent population since it was (accidentally) put online 3 days ago



*NEW* 1.5x Theta *NEW*

The last server to be added to our arsenals for the time being, this one is based off of Sierra 2x as well, with all multipliers reduced a further 50%

Team Limit: 4 (quad)

Wipe: 5 day schedule

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