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CityRP Update [01/14/2021]


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Massive Day #1 Patch

Alot of things added didn't even make it to this list because I forgot 😞



Major Optimization Haul

The server's code was nitpicked in some spots as to offer more performance

The server's tickrate has been dropped significantly to accomodate for a larger playerbase in a stable environment




Dueling Arenas

Duel NPC has been added right outside of spawn







Garbageman Class

NPC added


Trash spawn points have been scattered along the map



Deliveryman Class

Increased the duration of all deliveries as to allow ample time between destinations,

everybody, point your fingers @proggy and blame him for how short the duration was before.

Proggy is stupid

3 minutes to run across a map is not enough.



Door Purchasing

Attempted to fix an issue where the server would incorrectly report that your door limit has reached its max



Chop Shop

Following user requests, a Chop Shop has been added where players will be able to sell stolen vehicles for parts




Fire System

Disabled fires spreading onto props and destroying them



Fire Fighters

An NPC has been added for your Firetruck spawning needs




Car Dealer

The Neon underlight feature has been disable due to unnecessary performance hogging on the clients





Updated to correctly display the newly posted CityRP Rules



Remover Tool

This tool can no longer be used for the purpose of de-spawning cars





this shit got removed because it fucked everybody's FPS

Emergency Vehicles

-14 different light codes were added for all Emergency Vehicles

- Strobe/Siren lights have been added to the models

- Additional body groups for emergency vehicles to assert their dominance


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Wow! This is a very large update which has all positive changes. Nice job team! (also ngl I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I kind of prefer proggy's time because sometimes I wouldn't deliver all packages in time and sometimes I would. It really made you try to haul ass around the map! lol)

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