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[Community Event] MilitaryRP | Luck of the Irish [3/17/20201]

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Happy St Patrick's Day!!


Earlier than I would've liked to be up this morning, I permapropped four 3-leaf clovers throughout the map. NONE of them require any sort of boost, no clip, sitting, etc.



1st Clover Found: $15 credits to spend on yourself or anyone

2nd Clover Found: $10 credits to spend on yourself or anyone

3rd Clover Found: $5 credits to spend on yourself or anyone

4th Clover Found: 100k in-game cash


In order to claim your Clover, you MUST send me a screenshot of the clover via Discord. My discord handle is very easy to find if you're in the main MRP Discord.


Disclaimer: Anyone caught abusing powers to find Clovers will be punished accordingly; ie: claiming an area just to search it, staff using no clip, etc.



1st Clover: @Kermat ?imw=1024&imh=576&ima=fit&impolicy=Letterbox&imcolor=%23000000&letterbox=true


2nd Clover: @Early6111 unknown.png?width=637&height=369



3rd Clover: @HeroTv1 clover.JPG?width=1203&height=676



4th Clover: @Early6111 spacer.png


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2 hours ago, Ozzy said:


Bane didn’t see the 4th Clover until he was already a man! By then, it was nothing to him but blinding.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you to everyone that participated!! Buddy’s fucking blitzed in the name of Saint Patrick but I’ll make sure you guys get your items tomorrow!

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