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[MilitaryRP] Map Update - Delta

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IGN: 2GA MAJ Syrian.

Reasoning: I first started playing in 2017; and have put in a lot of time recently (150 about) hours of actual playtime. I feel I can provide a lot of valuable feedback on the different angles and layouts of the map. I would also like to understand the reworked layout of the map better beforehand. As I've recently been working with Enlisted; doing "OBJ courses". Teaching what angles and spots to hold; what to look out for, etc. I also feel I understand understand the limitations and capabilities of the source engine quite well.

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1 hour ago, Zachman said:

Name: SSO OPT Zachman


Reason: Delta is my favorite map and was the first map on where i join a SOC faction, I'm really excited to play on the new map and test it out to see the differences on it and even try to find problems and give some input on things that could be improved on. I've been playing MRP for 2 years now and I'm curious what changes Garnet is doing with Delta and to see everyone else's opinions and reactions when we get to change to play it. Since i have come back i have been on nearly every day and even joined SSO to try to dig my place back in.



1 hour ago, Gamma said:

Ingame name: V KMR Gamma (2nd IC of Vega)

Reason: I played on the original delta map and it's actually the map I got Vega DGEN on. Ive been on Garnet for around 2 years now, taking on and off breaks. I've been on a multitude of maps and have enjoyed them and depicted my issues with past maps. I've had the pleasure to watch Garnet work on some of these maps and get his input on them via his streams. I've also recommended some maps for SWRP that got accepted and had to test similar maps when I use to co-own a server myself some years back. I think my value stems from my playstyle as I like to take routes based on the logical aspects and the terrain. Being able to quickly point out flaws in certain areas and base my playstyle on how the map looks. Similar to @SpencerPog when a map first drops I look for spots that look fishy to me to either A-try to avoid them after the map has dropped or B-mention it to higherups to try to avoid a similar mistake in future map making.


1 hour ago, Drone said:

IGN 75R SGT Drone : I want to help with the beta testing since i can help find alot of the broken spots that would give players unfair advantages such as Hills that let you head glitch and I could give suggestions for certain areas to get given cover so people without snipers can push without having to worry too much about dying before getting to the point.


1 hour ago, Laroslav said:
  • In game name : V-MAJ Laroslav
  • I've been waiting a long time now for some news about this new map , I often ask some people close to staff in general on TS to know more about its progress and I'd be interested to test it and help to the development of it by bringing some of my suggestions if needed or by spotting things  that should be changed on the map before its realease, so that some of the problems we have on the current map will no longer be relevant on this one. I've been in touch with the server for quite some time now and with the experience I've gained  I'd be able to give some constructive reviews and ideas for it. Indeed i hope that my help will be useful.



1 hour ago, SpencerPog said:

My name is Spencer. I have been with the community for awhile now and was there when we switched from CSDesert to Delta. I have a lot of experience finding spots that can be exploitable. I can also contribute new ideas for objectives and areas around them. I want to see the server do well with this transition and willing to help out in anyway I can.  


1 hour ago, Doof123 said:

SSO SOPT Doof - I'm applying because I'm genuinely interested in the new map, and because I really enjoyed the original version of delta, I think my input could be valuable because of that experience. Regardless of your decision, thanks for your consideration. 🙂


1 hour ago, Gythem said:

Name: SSO JOPT Gythem (gythem)


Reason: Well I played Delta on its first rotation and it was both my first and favorite map I've played due to all the amazing memories I had and would love to see it in its greater form. I believe my input could be of use as I generally believe I'm a pretty good player who has a fundamental understanding of how to use positions to my advantage on maps. I often know how to get to spots not meant to get to with this understanding and am very observant. I also believe my past experiences as a faction leader, especially as the GA, as well as Manager gives me a good understanding of what players, both new and old, would be looking for in a new map.


1 hour ago, Kurtle said:

IGN: Kurtle

Reason: As GenArmii of 2GA, I believe I can get valuable information from the beta test. Leading 2GA going forward on the new map would be a lot easier if I have basic information from beta testing it myself. I hope I can get the opportunity to test the map, as I believe I could recognize unfair angles and locations that would make war unfun for either side. I am extremely excited for the new map and would be gracious for the chance to get an early peak at it. Thanks!

@PrisonNightmare Can't quote due to different page, you may also join us.

If I have quoted you then you may come and test the map with us, you must make yourself available in TeamSpeak at the time to do so. 

Over an hour before it starts, plenty of time to sign up!

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In-game name: 1stSFODD OPT Luxord

Reason: I'm interested in seeing the early stages of the redesign. I've experienced quite a few maps in my time on MRP allowing me to make comparisons, and may add potentially useful balancing and aesthetic feedback (or other ideas).

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IGN: SSO OPT Purple Fish


Reason: I have played on all maps on Garnet Gaming except for one. That one being delta. So I would have fresh experience. I believe that I am well minded enough to figure out and would be able to help find bugs etc. I also want to experience the new map and future of Garnet Gaming.

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47 minutes ago, Fier said:

In-game name: 1stSFODD OPT Luxord

Reason: I'm interested in seeing the early stages of the redesign. I've experienced quite a few maps in my time on MRP allowing me to make comparisons, and may add potentially useful balancing and aesthetic feedback (or other ideas).

You can join us also, please be available in teamspeak!

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2GA PVT Krim


I used to play every war so I would have experience with the battle aspect of the maps, so I can give feedback on that side of the mapping.


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Locking for Now

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first round of Beta Testing. Yes, first round, meaning there will be additional testing to be had at a later date. At that time, this post will be unlocked or another will be made entirely.

Again, thank you all for helping with the first live test of Updated Delta.

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