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Delta - Round two [MilitaryRP]

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With the last playtest session of our new MRP map, Delta we discovered a lot. The most notable change being the addition of large walls on the central objective Embassy, these are designed to keep sniping in and out to a minimum while also keeping the combat contained. We have also added the last objective called Shipment (carries the same name as the Omega objective however they share no details) this and the updated Embassy would be our primary areas to test. As before, minor texture bugs are not a huge concern for us as they can be ironed out later on, we are focussing on large issues with the map that will impact how the map plays.


We will be holding another playtest session of the revised Delta tomorrow the (4th of May) at 6pm EST/GMT-5. This will likely be run in the same way the last one was where we split the group in half and rotate them between the main and development server, again this is open to the public to join is via application. If you wish to join us, comment below with your RP name and the reason you would like to join us, If you joined us before mention that so that we can keep track of who is a returning tester. If you are staff or a faction leader, no application is needed.


Hope to see many of you there on the day!

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My current rank is SSO JOPT Lucher

I'd like to playtest the new server to get a look at whats to come and to build knowledge of the map of itself.

Edit: To build on my reason why. I've never playtested maps on GMod before, but I have done QA work on other games in the past, for example, I was a beta tester for an upcoming game, called Hood; Outlaws and Legends, in which I played, bug tested and reviewed the game based on many factors.

I've also never played Delta before, so like I previously said, I'd like to build general map knowledge

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Name: Jack JJ

Reason: On MRP, I’ve become pretty well known for my ability to find camping spots, glitch spots, as well as other exploits with relative ease which Garnet would most likely not want on his maps. I can help greatly by pointing out these spots to executives and having them ruled out/blocked off. I’m also very excited to see this map in-action as I am a new MRP player and I’ve never played Delta before.

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RP Name: Ritzu

Why I want to join: Wanna see the new map, explore around, need to edit some docs i made for GRU that revolve around the map and objectives. Omega had way too many glitch spots and places to cap objs from that made no sense. Been active on GRU for the past 3-4 weeks every single day and just want to participate in making GRU and the server better 🙂

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Name : SSO SOPT Zachman

I was in the last beta tester when it first launched

Reason: again im a dedicated member to MRP and im on almost every day, i was there when we tested it first and how discussed how things could be improved, Delta was the first map when i became SOC in SSO and im very curious how the changes are going to be from then to now and would like to help to find more spots that could be deemed unfair and fix them so when the full release is out they wont be there,

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Name : SSO SLT Doof

I beta tested the first time

Reason: My favorite map garnet has ever made is delta, I have nothing but fond memories from that map, I really enjoyed the first beta test, and I think that the input that was collected from that session was valuable. I'm a dedicated member of the server and id love to help out in any way possible, again thanks for your consideration regardless of the final decision. 🙂

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Name: SSO JLT Purple Fish

Reason for Joining:  I did not receive the opportunity to test during the last server as for now I would love to be able to test out the new obj and overview the new walls/breaking walls surrounding embassy. Being an experienced and veteran player I want to be able to help the server in most ways possible. 

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