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Rest In Peace Gamma

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Gamma was always a cool and nice guy. Very fun to hang around and easy to get along with. I remember when I first started playing and he was in PDSS with Gardner, one of my favorite times on MRP. Playing along side him, chilling with him, being in teamspeak with him while he trained me to get better at the game. Thinking back now on issues we had on SWRP over the stupidest things. I Remember the last time i spoke to him, i was asking him to come back to the server. He told me he was going through irl stuff and would be back soon, i wish i knew the truth and could of helped him then. Rest in peace gamma, we'll miss you ❤️ 


EDIT: Never really got the chance to thank him so i guess i’ll do it now.

Gamma i want to thank you for believing in me when nobody else did. It may not have been much and only a gmod server but it meant a lot. I remember the support you showed when i first applied for staff. I had mountains of shit thrown on top of me and you still +1’d and tried to give me a chance. GMing for SWRP, I had no experience ever GMing, none. You always participated without complaints, you gave me a shot without 2nd thought. Thank you. On MRP just a couple weeks ago you were helping me run some events, while everyone else complained and whined you still participated and helped. Thank you for that. I still remember messaging you on forums begging for you to teach me how to pass vega tryouts, you always said yes. it may have not been major things, and it may not have seemed like it was important, but it was to me. so thank you gamma, i wish you were here for just one more war with us, one more raid, one more kidnap, one more arrest, and one more medrp situation.

the more i think about it the more it hurts, we were never super close but you made a huge impact on my experience. Thank you so much.  

If there's anything we can do to support gamma and his family please let us know Immediately, I hope he's happy now. I pray for his family.

Rest In Peace Gamma. 



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RIP Gamma. Was an extremely respectable guy. Played Minecraft with him last Friday night with he and Swag. Crazy how fast life can move. Don't take it for granted. Gamma will be missed, he served a big part in this community and was insanely friendly. He will be missed.


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I never had the privilege of speaking to gamma, but I’m sure he was a great friend and family member to many. You will be missed. Rest in piece.


If anyone is ever struggling with mental health problems or even just feel slightly down please speak to someone - It could be someone you have known all your life or someone you met online briefly. Don’t suffer in silence. Garnet has listed the correct numbers to call if you ever need it so don’t be afraid to seek their help.

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Hopefully we can get into contact with his family. Would be more than willing to help ease the burden of the funeral cost.

Rest In Peace Gamma. Although I never met you, I hope you find peace wherever you are. 

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Me and Gamma always had an interesting dynamic, towards the end while he was in Vega, we would often DM back and forth on the antics going on in OOC. He was someone I could consider a friend, despite our interesting start. 

Gamma on US: God are all US gay as fuck
Conway: No but I love men and dick
Gamma: **silence** **[DarkRP] Gamma has been made an Russian Forces : Support*

My thoughts go out to the friends and family of Gamma. It's sad to think that we won't be able to play on SWRP this time around like I had promised. 

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I didn't know gamma well at all, but damn, this hit me hard. To know that a veteran player has come to pass isn't a very great feeling.

I wish you all the best of lock in your upcoming event for gamma, and remember that we are all here incase your going through some problems following gamma's death.

A big 07 for gamma.

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