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WAIT WHAT???!! I didn’t even get a chance to talk to him again 😢, I was in the process of coming back... I have so many fun memories with him, from SWRP to when he just joined MRP and made SSO so fast we all though he might have been hacking.  I’ll miss you a lot Gamma, even though I haven’t spoken to you in a while, I remember the moments we shared like it was yesterday.

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Its been a long time since I talked to gamma but I wish I would have talked to him more recently. You will be missed by many who have played with you and many who don't play anymore. RIP to a legend

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When I read this my heart dropped.
Rest in peace Gamma man
Its been a little bit since I've talked to Gamma but we were close about a year ago and  he's always had such a big heart and helped me during some tough times. We had our jokes and would always be a good time whenever we were in teamspeak or playing the server. I usually don't get emotional but this seriously hit home. It was always a laugh whenever he seen me and when i had to leave for a bit and i came into teamspeak once in a while he was always one of the first people to notice and get all hyped up. Prayers out to everyone and especially his family❤️

Suicide is a not something to take lightly if any of you ever need me just add me ill talk to anyone if you need it SirRose#2717

Rest in Peace again you will be missed


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I've been inactive in this community for a while, but nothing made me jump on forums faster than hearing the news.  Never a bad experience with this man.  Gamma was a large part of why I joined Vega.  He was bright and funny.  His shenanigans could cheer anyone up, were always welcome, and were a big part of why I got on.  He was very empathetic to my situation after Vega was cleared, and just an understanding guy overall.  This made seeing him leave the factions and server a sad affair, and subsequently, his passing.  Gamma taught me seriousness in what matters and kindness in everything.  It's fact that he made this community better with his existence, I just wish I could say goodbye to him.
I shed a tears for my man Gamma and my condolences go to his family and friends. 

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I am a new player, which in turn means i had very minimal interaction with Gamma, but despite that from all I see here he was clearly a great and respectable person. I want everyone here to know that if you're ever going through anything PM on discord and I will be here for you I've dealt with these kind of things personally and with others so I know that nothing seems right but there are plenty of people here for you so just talk to us and we got your back.

And to gamma /me salutes, rest in peace brother ❤️

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2 minutes ago, Yamagata said:

Although I didn't know him, I'd like to share a quote that has touched me deeply when I was faced with personal loss. I hope that this quote reaches some of you who were particularly affected by the loss of Gamma and maybe knew him quite well. This is the same quote that Robert J. Kennedy spoke for the loss of Martin Luther King Jr. and the quote was originally spoken by the Greek philosopher Aeschylus, and he said:

"Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God." 

Although his death was tragic, I'd ask each one of you who knew him, to think of a moment where Gamma helped you, enlightened you, or generally made your day better. Cherish that moment, use it to remember and honor his memory. In this way, he will always be with you and a part of your journey.

@Fetn @Aparh@Captainswag @eli_ @AlexConway @MurphPup @AwesomeAidan0221 @SpencerPog @D Δ TONEDE Δ DDUCK @BINLADINHOE @Bortnik_  @Kermat

Tagging you guys because after reading you're stories with Gamma you seemed to be some of the people who knew him personally. I hope the words I shared touched even one of you guys / helped you get through this tough time. Feel free to reach out if you're having a tough go of things. 

Appreciate the kind words, can't say I really 'personally' knew him. Just that I know he was a cool dude on SWRP and wish I talked to him more to try and help him out.

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