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Rest In Peace Gamma

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I knew gamma for  a short period of time, when he came back in Vega he was one very friendly guy, we laughed a lot together for some stuffs in any kind, he was a respectful and very respectable person, his death will remain to me in this community something very upsetting and sad because I really regret that we didn't try to talk to him more to know if everything was really ok , and I hope that it's a grief that we won't have to live again together here.

I think with all my heart that Gamma is now in a better place 

Dans nos cœurs , pour toujours! @Gamma


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I didn't talk to Gamma nearly as much as I should have. Whenever I talked to him though, he was really pleasant and had a positive impact on me growing as a base faction officer. Based on the interactions I had with him, I knew he really had a passion for MRP and making the server as good as he could make it. I'm truly sad that I will never get to interact with him and that other players don't get to enjoy his company. This is one of the first tears I've shed in a long while.

For those who may not be a good mental state right now, we hear you and value you. My DM's are always open for those who need support. KurtElKurtle#1478

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A very unfortunate thing to happen to a fellow community member, especially a veteran player who has been around long enough to witness those who stay or pass through. While I do not frequently play on MRP, SWRP, nor have I had many personal interaction with Gamma, I know that this heartbreaking news is felt by everyone, regardless of the server we play, and I myself am deeply saddened by this great loss for our community. It sounds like Gamma had a lot of positive interactions with many people he’s met, and created many friendships and memories which have impacted others. I hope that he has found peace, and is continually remembered for his contributions to Garnet and his friends.

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I didn't talk to him much, but the times I did talk to him were positive times. I wish I could talk to him for one last time 😞 Thank you everyone who went to the memorial in DarkRP or MilRP.

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I never met Gamma, from all your kind words he seems like a great guy.

It's extremely sad to see an OG member of the community pass away like this.

Just remember, this is a community, a community that will support you in times of need.

The beauty of the anonymity of these online friendships is that you can express yourself as much as you want, to whoever you want. 

Please reach out to people you know and at least talk to people about your mental health if you find yourself struggling.

You. Are. Not. Alone. 

Rest In Peace Gamma, his family and friends are in my thoughts.


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I never knew Gamma, i only learned of him as soon as i heard this news. From the stories and descriptions of him i feel strangely connected to him and am saddened to hear about this news. I can tell he was a valued member of Garnet and that it is a tragic loss for the community.

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While having not known Gamma, I'm finding myself in tears from knowing how it feels to lose someone dearly too soon and the impact he has made here in Garnet. I can't begin to fathom the immense feelings of loss and heartbreak his friends and family are facing. I myself am feeling a sense of loss for having never met him especially after reading some of these posts. I hope to hear everyones memories of him this upcoming Friday and to continue cherishing them.

I like most people know how agonizing and frustrating it is to feel like you have no one to go to. If any of you are feeling this way, please shoot me a message (Hani#0095). Even if you need to vent to blow off some steam- I hope to be a pillar of support. Everyone here matters.

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Oh man. This is really sucky. People think so naïve and that nothing like this would happen to someone they know but it does. It just did. My heart goes out to his fam. 

Truly Rest In Peace my man. You were a goat.

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While I didn’t know Gamma personally, I felt this. This whole thread. I’ve lost a very close cousin of mine & my brother to suicide. It’s heart breaking to lose someone, but it hits a little more when it’s suicide. My condolences to anyone that was close with him.

From reading the comments, I can tell Gamma was a great person. I hope he found the peace that he wanted. Rest in peace Gamma.

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Gamma was someone I've known for 3 years now. Done a lot with him in the past but as I distanced myself from playing in the community, I haven't been in much contact with him. He was a great person who was always fun to be around, play with and against and even do things with outside of the community.

It really hits hard to hear he's gone, he was an amazing person. Thank you for everything Gamma, may you rest in peace.

Here's from when we were both Vega officers and snuck into Ranger bunks to take pictures with their turtle.

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Gamma and I were in frogmen for a short time together, but he left to join Vega so I never knew him that well during my stay on MRP. Shortly after  I resigned though, we began playing games together through mutual friends we made on the server. He was a great, fun guy to play with and would always relieve any tension we got while playing.  I have great memories with him and I miss him greatly. 


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I wanna say thank you gamma for all you have done you were a great friend a great leader and pushed me to bring my all was the reason why I joined my first soc faction.

/me Salutes One last time with tear in his eye

Rest In piece My friend 

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Didn't know this specific individual, seemed like a down to earth person that was an all around good person.
I've known some people in this community that I deeply care for, and I couldn't imagine the feeling.
My deepest Condolences are with his family and you all whom knew him personally.

Please never feel as a burden to reach out for someone to help, you matter.



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