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Rest In Peace Gamma

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Wow I'm just hearing about this, guess I haven't been here in a while...... but damn dude, after I lost my dad and my brother almost a year ago, I kind of just disappeared from not only garnet, but my irl friends...... I hate coming back and seeing stuff like this, gamma was  a good guy and was a good friend..... life's rough, I hope those around him find peace 😞  ŁLG

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Its been almost a year since Gamma Has Passed, And if I'm not wrong the past year was different than usual it didn't have that nostalgia feeling after a long day of work or a rough day in general. We Miss You Gamma a true great friend to anyone who met him was a great guy great to hang on TeamSpeak with or doing dumb shit on the server.  You always looked out for the little Guys, Rest In Peace Gamma

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  • 3 weeks later...

One year... Its hard to believe its finally been one year, It feels like it happened yesterday but it really happened one year ago today. We all lost a friend who cared for everyone he met dearly and treated everyone with respect. Whether you knew him personally or in passing He made a difference in every single persons life he touched, but he is gone now. One year ago the best person I ever knew died. And his name was Gamma.

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