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MilitaryRP Update [06/08/2021]

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The Brick

After hundreds of thousands of requests from 9 trillion unique members

The most requested feature since "please just shut down MRP and end this all"


This update was sponsored by B R I C K S O C




Weapon Balancing

REMEMBER: Guns kill people. These changes were sponsored by @Jake and @Ozzy's request

Guns may need further tweaking, however, there is no way in hell i'm going to accept Ozzy's sandbox values :^(


Assault Rifles

Army's AR-15

Removed ACOG sight


Donator's AEK

It is already a nerfed variant of all other AKs, but Jake wanted a significant nerf. I disagreed and met him at the middle. Output damage lowered to 37 from 40.


Sub Machines Gun


Weapons affected: G36C, MP5, P90, Veresk, VSS, FMG-9, MP40, MP5A5, MP5A4


Removed inconsistencies between SMGs


All SMGs with damage under 25 (4 shot value) have been buffed onto 25, ones found at over 25 were given a slight further buff (1-2 damage per shot)


Lowered the spread cooldown significantly. Stopping your fire will almost immediately reset your accumulated spread


Battle Rifles


Weapons affected: SKS-D, FN FAL, Scar Heavy, G3A3

Lowered aimspread significantly (22%)

Cut down max spread incremental value (33%)

to be on-par with that of an AK, however, much more recoil will be present.


Lowered Recoil significantly - this value will remain somewhat higher than an AR (35%)




My apologies Jake


Confirmed the existence and functionality of this NPC




Word Scrambler



Difficulty go >:)

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35 minutes ago, Garnet said:

"late night" 

>It's 5AM and I can't sleep

I definetly did not bother you with GM perms i swear i definetly

so uhhhh can i get a custom rank on forums called gay thanks

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Thank you, I feel like the brick is really going to add to the server and might even change the entire PvP system. We’ll have to see, but I think there’s a chance it could open up an entirely new meta, possibly outclassing all other weapons!

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5 hours ago, Garnet said:

"please just shut down MRP and end this all"

I thought everyone still requested this? (Im joking pls no forum warn)

But y'all know Im gonna get that brick and distribute it to the masses. >:) Good update

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8 hours ago, Garnet said:

Confirmed the existence and functionality of this NPC

now the two people who can spawn them can finally fly

also brick

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