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[Community Event] Global - GarnetGaming Cook-Off!


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Just now, Ozzy said:

Of course! I just don’t want a bunch of half ass microwave or easy meals. 

how about this do you have suggestions? Cuz I only know a few things that I am a master at making but it wouldn't hurt to go for a challenge and since you're fond of cooking already then I'd like some suggestions that seem appealing the most or more of an excitement to make. I'm not only going for best meal but also trying to present the best since taste won't be a factor in the contest.


So please give me some meal suggestions that appeal to you the most and I can see if I can get creative with some... if not well then I'll surprise you with what I wanna make 😉

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17 hours ago, Ozzy said:


Hello Garnet Gamers!

Many of you know that I’m on my way out of here. Fewer of you know that I regularly streamed myself cooking various meals and that cooking is a minor passion of mine. I know of several people in this community who also share a love of cooking and food. I figured that there was no better way to go out than to host one last little give away and hopefully spark some community creativity. 


The Goal: Cook something. Not cereal, not a Poptart, and not something you just throw in the microwave. Put a little effort into a meal and post it to the thread! In order to participate, you must post a picture of the ingredients/prep, post a picture of the finished meal, and provide a brief (or long if you so wish!) description of your process.


The Prize: $5 guaranteed! Just for entering into the contest and providing the required info described above gets you $5 in Garnet Gaming credits. Again, put some effort into it or else I’ll probably just hide your post.

We will have THREE big winners!

1st Place: $50 in GG Credits

2nd Place: $25 in GG Credits

3rd Place: $10 in GG Credits


The winners will be voted on by a public poll posted after the contest expires. You all will have until next Friday, September 3rd, to enter! Only 1 entry allowed per person. The three Grand Prizes will be in addition to the guaranteed $5 for entering. You are welcome to have your parents, brother, sister, friend, significant other, dog, cat, owl, Epstein, etc. help you cook! Just try to be at least semi-involved in the cooking and/or prep!!

Very excited to see what dishes y’all can come up with!


Any extra points for shooting and butchering it yourself?

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