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[Community Event] Global - GarnetGaming Cook-Off!


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4 hours ago, Hamas said:

 What’s the cut?

Entirely depends on what i shoot, could be pigeon breast (wood pigeon of course so clean and actually nice), could be rabbit, duck would be nice (of course for legal reasons that is a joke, i would never shoot waterfowl out of season 🙂  ), same with partridge of pheasant, some nice big ass pheasant breasts wrapped in bacon wouldn't be bad either.

Basically I can cook whatever i shoot, which could kind of be anything aside from pest and predator species which go in the deadbin.

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On 8/23/2021 at 10:49 PM, BINLADINHOE said:

If we did multiple recipes could we put in several and just put one as the actual entry?

You're more than welcome to provide as many recipes as you'd like! But yes, please clearly note which recipe is the one you are entering into the contest with.

20 hours ago, Jake said:

Any extra points for shooting and butchering it yourself?

I'll take take that into consideration. The holistic cooking experience from start to finish. Be prepared to detail what weapon you used to hunt and how you filleted the meat.

6 hours ago, Brianoo said:

can i bake?



Also, everyone please re-read the OP. At the advice of some of you, I added another rule to the competition. Your forums name will have to be written in any way shape or form in both your prep and final pictures.


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I boiled half a bowl of water, then poured some noodles in and turned down the heat. Stirred it once every 2 minutes 3 times then turned off the fire, put cheese and butter (plus milk) in, and stirred it until it was ready.

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mac and cheese
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Slapped out a pizza with a store-bought dough patty, some jarred pizza sauce, & cheap pepperoni. Has mozzarella, provolone, asiago, & fontina for cheese.

I'd recommend anyone who likes pizza to learn how to form a dough and slap it out. The quality you can get from homemade pizza for the price is unbelievable.
You can make two of these better tasting homemade pizzas for the price of a single frozen pizza, three if you're light on the toppings and cheese. 

The only thing better than this is making your own dough patties, making your own pizza sauce from scratch (canning extra for future pizzas), and higher quality toppings.
But the best thing about a pizza is that you can make a $3 pizza and a $100 pizza and they will both be amazing.

The little stabby holes are so there's not big air bubbles, and its a big noob mistake to forget that step. You can buy a dough-docker like this to do it in seconds, or just use the blunt end of a skewer to poke it a hundred times.

Made a second one for my roommates & it turned out even better. I coulda done a bit better on the crust but the dough patty was a bit over-proofed and my counterspace at home isn't as spacious as the kitchen I made thousands of pizzas in lol.

If I win I'll donate the credits to new players on darkrp, but I don't wanna win I wanna see more entrants! 

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So what I was doing was a pair of Salmon fillets and asparagus with a balsamic reduction. Pretty simple all I did was season the salmon with salt and lemon pepper and put my asparagus in with some balsamic and started that on low heat, just enough to give it a bear simmer. Once I finished that I took the salmon and put it in the oven at 375 untill it was just starting to turn dark pink around the center.


After I put the Salmon in the oven I remembered I had some baby carrots that had different colors so I cooked them in about a table spoon of butter and a bunch of honey until the carrots were fully cooked through. Once those were done I added a small splash of thyme to them and put them on a plate along with the asparagus and salmon.


All in all it was a pretty healthy filling dinner that tasted amazing and filled both me and my mother for the night.

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