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[Community Event] Global - GarnetGaming Cook-Off!

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A big thank you to everyone who has already participated! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. I was out out of town for my buddy's Bachelor Party so I couldn't really check out everyone's meals & messages until now.

The contest, due to a handful of people saying they wish they had more time, will be extended through this week and finish this Sunday 9/12! I hope everyone that wants to participate will now have a chance to!

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On 9/2/2021 at 2:28 PM, Glorbnob said:

Fettuccine Alfredo with grilled chicken( I did make this is a professional kitchen where I work at.)
Ingredients: 1 chicken breast(butterflied and marinated in Caesar salad dressing)

1 carton of half and half( the thing for coffee)

10 ounces of dry fettuccini noodles boiled just shy of al dente(10-11 minutes)

1 quarter onion finely diced

2 ounces sliced mushroom

2 cubes of salted butter

Roughly 10 ounces of Romano cheese(parm works fine too)


alright so your first step is getting your chicken which has already been butterflied(cut down the middle in order to increase surface area and make a t thinner) on the grill which is heated to roughly 350 degrees(maybe more tbh I can’t remember what we set it to there.) where it will cook for 3 minutes each side. Then you add butter in the pan with your mushrooms and onions with salt and pepper( maybe a little red pepper if you want a kick) allowing them to sauté mushrooms over high heat until the mushrooms are soft and the onions are translucent. Now you add half in half roughly 15 fluid ounces( you can always add more if it’s too tight after eating mine I wish I added a little more) from then you thoroughly mix and allow to reduce by half. Now you add the pasta and use your amazing chef skills and flip it( Ik ik I spilled a little) in order to help evenly distribute everything. Little by little add your parm/Romano and keep stirring(make sure to scrape the bottom constantly to prevent it from burning) add in your chicken(don’t forget to slice it) when the sauce is thick and creamy and adheres to the pasta well you plate it and if you want you can add a little parsley on top for looks. And that’s how you make a restaurant quality homemade Alfredo sauce(better then Olive Garden)


I’d pay money for this, looks so fire 

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Good afternoon everyone! I want to give a quick thanks to everyone who participated. I know that personally, I'd want to try every single one of the meals. 

Voting begins now, and will continue until 11:59 PM PST Tomorrow.


Please do not simply vote for your friends or kiss ass, review all of the dishes and vote on which you would most want to eat/try. Winners will be announced Wednesday.

Edit: When voting and entering your name, type the name you are most well known by in the community.

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Now that the submissions are done with I just want to upload something I cooked like 3 months ago but turned out to be the best thing I have ever cooked.


That was the main part of the meal, 2 New York Strips the best steaks I have ever had by far, I put some olive oil on them and some salt and let them rest for 45 mins while I started whipping up some mashed potatoes and stewed Shallots. 

Once it was time to cook the steak I got my pan as hot as humanly possible to the point where even though I had nothing In it it started to smoke and then I put the steak in for 2 mins on each side before taking it off of the burner to let it rest.

After slicing it turned out like so 


And after getting it all plated up It looked like this, 


The shallots were stewed in butter until they started to fry at which point I let them cook down until they were fully caramelized. 


This was the best thing I have ever cooked and it was fairly easy so never be too afraid to try and make something you have never tried before. BTW this was the 2nd time I had ever cooked steak 😄


If we were allowed to submit old things that we had cooked I woulda submitted this NGL 😞





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We have our winners!

In 1st Place we have: Chef Woolley

In 2nd Place we have: Chef Glorbnob

In 3rd Place we have: ... a tie! Chef Binladinhoe and Chef Polar

Everyone who was included in the poll will receive $5 in credits. Those who finished on the podium will receive $5 + their winnings. 3rd place will split the prize unless either wishes to give the entirety to the other. Thank you everyone for showing us what you got! I'll be in TS the next 3 days to coordinate the prizes.

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21 hours ago, bearboobs said:

I can make some pretty good pasta, does that count? ill atleast make the meatballs and red sauce by hand, but i can’t hand-make pasta 😞

Homie the challenge is over 😭

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