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Fido and Romac fanfic

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The story begins in a subway down the road of a suburban community.  Romac passes through the county on his way to perform in another show in Tennessee, and he gets hungry, as he hasn't eaten in 2 hours and he just smoked in the back of his limousine driven gracefully by his personal concierge.  Romac tells the driver to pull off into the parking lot, as he needs to get some footlongs for the road.  The parking lot is bare, save for the employee parking, which contains a rusted up Volkswagen and a Prius.  The driver parks horizontally across 4 parking spaces, allowing Romac to leave the vehicle and start the cold journey to the building's glass door across the parking lot.  Once he opens the door, a stench of various meats overcomes him, he reluctantly makes his way to the counter to meet the cashier, Fido.  The two start a regular conversation that usually leads to the purchase of a subway sandwich, Romac tells him what he wants and how he wants it, while Fido obliges.  Once Romac is done paying, he requests a receipt for proof of purchase (for it to be considered a work expense and a tax write-off.)  On retrieval of the receipt, Romac peers down onto the black ink, only to find a phone number with a smiley-face, quite visibly making him very upset.  Romac begins going into a minor fit of rage, yelling "GET OFF MY NUTS ALREADY!  I KNOW YOU ARE INTO ME AND SHIT BUT I'M NOT GAY!!"  Fido's face quickly becomes red.  In Romac's tangent, he flails the sandwich into the glass sneeze guard, and runs out of the establishment, hastily entering the back of the vehicle, the driver swiftly catching onto the charade and makes a U-Turn out of the parking lot, dinging the Prius' front bumper-leaving it crumpled and a shattered headlight-and back onto the road never to be seen again.

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14 hours ago, Papiraqi said:

i shit you not this is one of the reasons why i resigned. Fucking disgusting 


Okay, no reason for you to be toxic about it, just let people have their fun lol. I don’t understand why you are so mad about it.

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