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MilitaryRP Update [09/15/2021]


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5 hours ago, Nutter said:

SSO Commander and Assault

SKS-D Replaced with CZ858

Will this apply to the [T2] and [T3] class as well?
Also side note the [T3] SSO Class is assigned a garnet_sks that doesn't exist. If it could be swapped to the garnet_simsks or the sksd should it get the CZ858 that would be neat :).

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On 9/14/2021 at 10:10 AM, Nutter said:


Small update to improve quality of life until I have more time on my hands for the Afghan update



Kill/Death counter removed

To be replaced with points gained during war (capturing objectives or TDM kills)




SSO Commander and Assault

SKS-D Replaced with CZ858




Ares  Shrike

Removed ammo-type attachments


Honey Badger

Surpressed weapon by default (oopsie overlook by original developer)

Thank you Pencil for bringing up this issue a year ago haha.



Local OOC

Added a Local OOC chat text channel

to be utilized by typing /l, /looc, or /lo




All spawned cars were given a 67% health buff

Thanks Garn!!! 

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