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MilitaryRP Changelog [11/04/2021]

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  • Once and for all fixed artifacts spawning during war (please LMK if something else somehow broke)
  • Fixed and reimplemented Search and Destroy war mode
  • Bomb Defusal in Search and Destroy now takes 10 seconds instead of 20
  • GM prop limit was raised to 125 per player
  • Scoreboard will now sort by highest score as opposed to players' names
  • A couple other things I don't remember


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43 minutes ago, Python said:

it might just be me but im not a fan of the new scoreboard i get thats the point of a scoreboard is to be highest on it but it looked so much better when every faction was grouped together

100% agree with Python on this one. It makes factions look much more unified when they are on the scoreboard together. Also, the scoreboard was based on jobs to where (correct me if I'm wrong) Z would be top and A would be on the bottom and all special characters would be on the top above Z. Scoreboard looks a little wacky when everyone is spread out like this. Thank you for all of the other shit you fixed Garnet! ❤️

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Thanks for the fixes garnet but also, are we able to keep /giveweapon without it being touched, currently we use some entities for reimbursements or for the flying factions. 

So can we get /giveweapon back with out it being worked on at all

And also the scoreboard.. change it back please

but anyway keep up the good work 

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As python said the scoreboard thing i do not agree with also what fetn mentioned about /giveweapon we've been using the command for a while now i see no need to change it, but i do agree with everything else it looks amazing thank you garnet.

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