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MilitaryRP Update [11/22/2021]


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Weapon Balancing


Reduced to 1-use per life due to the fact I was not able to remove the ability to re-spawn players without explosives in a reliable way

( @time is smarter than me but sick, I tried removing a table of explosives from their loadout on spawn, but it did not accept table or table converted to string :^) didn't want to make a for loop because optimization for every players' spawn)


Infantry First Aid Kit

Reduced holstering time as it created conflict with the mild delay on switching weapons


Elastic Cuffs

Sped up cuff time to be reflective of what I updated the Commander Cuffs to do prior to the switch for elastic



Faction Color Codes

New color schemes assigned (user requested)

Delta Force

Badri 313

Blood Unit




Staff System


Corrected permssionsets for Head Gamemaster/Head Admin

Removed /endwar command from GameMaster, added for Head Admin



Added support for handcuff logging


Added support for Communications logging


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