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MilitaryRP Update [03/02/2022]

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26 minutes ago, Nutter said:

(Yes, we are now a Minecraft server)


Fantastic update can’t wait to see how this plays out in game. For many years we have had the same repetitive Tryout/Sim, War, Repeat. Environment which has kinda led to bland gameplay after a while since I’ve joined the community it’s never changed and I am so excited to see how this is implemented and played out.

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55 minutes ago, Nutter said:


Simulation System

Lets test out for a potential implementation of a proper kill-house on Taiga 🙂 

I am considering dding Company as an objective simply called "Facility" which will be walled-off, and including a military training ground as well as other equipment such as tanks and aircrafts.


For the time being I put a very weird material on NPCs to distinguish them as "VR NPCs"




55 minutes ago, Nutter said:


Player rank tags & Emotes

lets run a test and see how much frame loss we get, and weight our options 😉


In utilization:


Update is all done 😄


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4 hours ago, Nutter said:

We have very little lore unfortunately, because years later GMs have yet to step up their games, but it's still existent (unfortunately lol)

literally... lore was already talked about... an wasn't taken serious.. but okay

the rest of the update is good. good job 

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