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[Community Event] Garry's Mod | Loading Screen Art Contest

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Garry's Mod Community Event

Loading Screen Art Contest

Date / Duration

4/2/22 - 4/22/22
(20 days)

Garnet and I are seeking to revamp our loading screens across our Garry's Mod servers.
We know we have many talented people in this community who would like to contribute!
We are giving our community the opportunity to earn credits and have their artwork display to all users that are loading into our servers.

To enter the contest, simply respond to the thread with a high quality image (1920px x 1080px or higher).
Your submission(s) must correlate well with the server you are submitting it for.
Your submission(s) also must be original content with no copyrighted material shown.
I have attached a few examples of our current loading screens for reference.

20 credits per accepted submission.
(multiple winners per server!)

















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I was bored. There's probably more I can do with this once I figure out lighting. There's a bit of an easter egg in this one if you squint.



If these photos are not high enough quality, I can provide the source.

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7 hours ago, ChrisRid said:

Thought I'd give it a go for the DarkRP server 👍

These are all so simple but nice, you genuinely earned yourself all the credits for those! I hope to see more people do images in this style 😄

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52 minutes ago, PrisonNightmare said:

how the fuck did you pose them so well lol. Last pic especially looks really good

Phys gun and Finger Poser, mainly the DoF and color modifications make it look decent.

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10 hours ago, FestiveCowZilla said:

first batch will be uploaded once i figure out how 

I was struggling for ages trying to upload images to the forums....

In the end, the way I managed to do it was by uploading my images to Imgur (link below) and then opening the image in a new tab, copy the link, and paste into the forum post and it should appear. There might be a better way, but it worked for me so hopefully it should work for you too 🙂


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i got it to work by copying the "forums" share link, then cutting off the [img] at both ends of the link.

These are just my first attempts, I'll be trying to make more high quality ones in the same style as these




for these pictures, especially picture 1, I had a lot of trouble with the lighting. In picture 4, I was going for a overview shot of the map with things to look at to make it interesting while playing with foreground and background, but the distances make it hard to tell what you are seeing. I.E at the wooden hut, there is a man stabbing another man, but it looks like one guy with a silly leg.

If anybody has any advice, I'd appreciate it. New batch coming soon.

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