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MilitaryRP Update [04/10/2022]

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1 hour ago, Nutter said:





The server's tickrate has been increased from 21 to 33 - this figure is unusually high for a server that frequents 80-100 players, but I believe we can make it work!

What does this mean to the average user? hit registration will be 57% more accurate and vehicle handling as well will be 57% more predictable and manageable as well. Think the hit registration of a competitive CS:S match

This change may require re-working some weapons, but we were overdue for that change anyways!

I can no longer blame hitreg for me missing my shots

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26 minutes ago, PraetorDon said:

I can no longer blame hitreg for me missing my shots

to be fair, even at 22 you couldn't hehehe but extra good luck now

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3 hours ago, Krim said:

FPS looking sweet, and the hitreg feels a lot nicer

But MP has still not been fixed 😢

Tickrate hasn't been put through, just goes to show how much of it is placebo

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