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MilitaryRP Update [05/04/2022]

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Dope update, the helicopter will be exciting to take down with some friends. Only thing I’m not quite sure about is how it might interfere with peacetime tryouts, but it could even add a little separate challenge, “don’t die to the heli or you fail” type beat. This type of AI and patrol thing could be huge for upcoming updates, thanks Nutter 🔥

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It may not be a chinook, but damn does it look good lol. Can't wait to see it on the server. As for MP, I have had lots of people asking when and where MP tryouts are gonna happen, glad it finally came. Love the update!

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8 hours ago, Nutter said:

in about 2 weeks time we'll get a thread requesting the removal of Military Police due to extensive abuse of the handcuff swep and unjust punishments, but I've already prepared myself emotionally for this.

Yea that seems about right

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2 hours ago, Reeper said:

Just got a neat clip from the automated event: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/k088lrHdCaJre/d1337P2GGlNt?invite=cr-MSxOSTcsMjg2NDUwMiw

Not sure if I came late and finished it off or what. Also this was during war, wonder if that was intended lol.

it can absolutely roll into a war if Chinook wasn't taken down before, I never made Chinook disappear when a war starts, being that it can be hard to track a helicopter down when surrounded by mountains. If this ever becomes an issue, I can for sure remove the NPC at wartime. Yeah, you did pop in last second to kill it 😮

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