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Rust Update [05/20/2022]

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Advertisement Entities

Added onto all major servers to be used by @Proggy or @tdizz


Clan System

/cinfo can now strictly be used by Administrators in order to avoid targeted offline raiding



Enabled up to 5 pages of skins to load at a time




All servers were given a curate list of 58 seeds as to avoid any chances of maps repeating


2x Sierra, Epsilon, Delta, and Gamma include a list of exactly 58 seeds sized at 3500 with ALL monuments included

Other modded servers include some maps with Excavator excluded


Live Maps

All servers will now display the concurrent map on wipe in our Discord channel




Gamma & Delta 2x

Stack sizes have been ported over directly from Sierra 2x to a more up-to-date version



Anarchy 1000x

Team Limits has been set down to 4 max (quad)

Removed automatic smelting plugin

Added Supporter rank [Donatable] for $5 permanently




Oscar 5x

Enabled /sethome and teleportation above water

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Ive been waiting for the cinfo change i want to see how it impacts the current offline situation happy for that 

map seeds yes finally hoping the pop skyrockets once more when the repeating maps arnt an issue anymore 

skinbox is nice used to take me a hot min to go through the skins loading 

Also mad respect for the new rank rules. 

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Huge -1 in my opinion, im even typing this from my phone 

First off no more auto smelt ?? really gonna have us Anarchy players use furnaces on a 1000x 😐 

secondly the team limit, it’s not terrible but it’s drastic coming from 8, when the limit was 8 there was never a full 8 man on not once it was more to just to have the piece of mind of not getting banned for overteaming, most you would see is a 5 or 6 man online at once. even if a team had 8 only 5 or 6 would be in at one time never ever 8, i have done this as well and having that 8 man team means your team can have between 4-6 players on all the time which in turn keeps the server active with continuous pvp. in my opinion 5 the sweet spot but 4 is manageable 

the cinfo kinda a bummer and realistically wasn’t used for checking offline and online players but more for checking how many players a clan had and their names if we came across them while fighting and they don’t speak in chat. 


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