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StarwarsRP Update [05/27/2022]

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*NEW* 'Republic Clone : Rifleman' *NEW*

All players who pass /quiz in order to play the server will be whitelisted onto the Republic Clone class, and spawned nearby to the regimental rooms.

Once passed quiz and whitelisted for this class, all players will automatically spawn onto it, never again spawning in the recruit room


The Republic Clone class will be posted at the top of every clone class category for easy access (as opposed to needlessly having a dedicated category for one single class)




Automated Event System


Timing between events has been lowered from once every 60 minutes down to 35 minutes





Bug Patches

Fixed issue where Republic Navy : RSB could approve vehicle spawn, but not be allowed to place the vehicle on a landing pad





An NPC will periodically be found in the Requisitions Bay

This NPC is capable of selling contraband items to the Quartermaster class





104th Battalion

Team 'U' Chat

Team 'U' Chat has been fixed for certain classes

Trooper, Heavy, Controller, Arsonist, Overwatch


104th Battalion : Commanding Officer

Removed DC15S
Added Rocket boots and NT-242


CIS Droids

Super Droid's Loadout

B2 Hand Blaster, B2 Rocket

Droideka's Loadout
Droideka SWEPs (Blaster & Sniper)

Magna Droid's Loadout
E5-S, Thermal Detonator

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