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MilitaryRP Update [06/18/2022]

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20 hours ago, Desires said:

Where’s some 11B new classes ;(

otherwise love the update ❤️

Unlike the 11 People reacting without giving you more incite. I believe both Taliban and Army had two additional classes already compared to special forces so that’s why the update was geared towards giving SOC more classes.

love the addition of more equipment (lock pick, sticky grenades) this update will definitely draw in more players attention now that whenever they look at the F4 Menu they will see special forces have the same amount of classes as base faction. Great update garnet hope you feel better soon.

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On 6/17/2022 at 6:10 PM, Desires said:

Where’s some 11B new classes ;(

otherwise love the update ❤️

sir!!! I made a suggestion to give both base factions new classes and low an behold infiltrator/sniper is a thing cause of thaaat!!, not much else you really needa add to base faction kinda why SOC gets cooler stuff like expo and lock picks

But overall good update will be having fun with the ranger classes. 

good job mr garnut

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