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DarkRP Update [08/03/2022]

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1 hour ago, Nutter said:

The Totem of Greed


How long will this printer last and is it high or low teir?


1 hour ago, Nutter said:


Corrected issue with Mayor changing jobs



1 hour ago, Nutter said:



Next update :
New Duel System 

Great Update Garnet must of had a weird time typing new pooping system for darkrp

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Just been chatting about these updates with some others and this is awesome! 😄

I know how much the points shop was loved in City, I'm looking forward to seeing it in DarkRP and maybe spending some of my money lol! Trust you to add the poo hahaha 🤣 I can just imagine you and Bizzy throwing poo at each other in a test server haha, that's hilarious! I can't wait to see the results lmao. The new totems are sweet, and a free printer totem is a fantastic idea! I'm honestly excited to see that the report system now makes a sound when one comes in, this is genuinely going to be really helpful during the quiet periods where a report only comes in every hour maybe, and I'm often tabbed out chatting in discord etc, so it's great to know I can jump right back in to help out. The other fixes are great too and glad they are all sorted. Top work as always, cheers 👍

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Amazing update. I love that the SL8 is finally getting the love it deserves definitely is the GOAT. 

Also that new totem is incredible such a good idea. I’m curious to hear these audio cues that go off when accepting a report 

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Love the update, can’t wait to see this fully in place. Very amazing work. 

4 hours ago, Nutter said:

Added audio feedback for administrations indicating a report has come through


What would this sound like?

4 hours ago, Nutter said:


Does this replace the /hat or !hat command and other hats on the donator store? Just asking for those who have those hats purchased rather than the pointshop ones.

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9 hours ago, Nutter said:

Added TEC-9 due to popular request as the only automatic Pistol on the store

the best gun in cod cold war atm im prolly gonna have to cop it

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9 hours ago, aidanpoppas123 said:

It would be cool if you added some kind of playtime hat that Auto Unlocks at a certain amount of playtime. For example, a bronze trophy that unlocks at 100 hours, a silver trophy for 500 and a gold for 1000. 

and what about 2000 3000 and 4000+


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On 8/2/2022 at 9:19 AM, Nutter said:

World's First DarkRP Poop System

Ever wanted to take a steaming dumpy on your rivaling clan's front porch?

Now you can!

CaliforniaRP is real. 

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