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StarwarsRP Update [08/17/2022]

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Map Change

Anaxes 2.5

This version of Anaxes features a shorter render distance on decorative props and a navigation mesh for NPCs to use for mobility


If we keep our number of props at bay, we may greatly benefit from a performance boost on the server, as well as better hit predictability when engaging in events against Droid NPCs

To avoid ruining the surprise, I will kee what's new in this map for yourself to discover. There's some controversial changes that even I do not enjoy, but the amount of positive content added is overwhelming.




Rocketboots solution replaced

This new Jetpack may or may not be a permanent solution, as it may require alot of tweaking and optimization

However, here are some positive points:

Finite amount of fuel and fuel recharging

Directionary movement

Slowed descent

Jetpack is to be activated by a SWEP as opposed to always being on, to reduce server performance impact. In the future, I will add a command to disable the Jetpack by GMs, or on certain blacklisted maps, IE: Venator where we do not want players flying.


Added fuel counter to the server of your screen when Jetpack is in-use

This solution is quite literally ghetto and only serves its purpose temporarily until we decide we wish to keep things the way they are



Gamemaster Tools

Drop Pods

Removed a portion of code from droppods which would remove doors and other functional entities when hit




Prop Limit

Raised to 250 (previously 150) for more flexibility in decorating events



Spawn Tool

Administrators+ will now be able to PERMANENTLY set spawnpoints on event maps on-the-go. Each map will require an initial setup, but once it is done, it will forever be stored in the data folder of our server for future use.




Class Changes

Coruscant Guard

Marshal Commander

Group chat channel changed from Special Operations Brigade to Republic Navy



Corrected Health max amount to 200 on spawn (accidentally set it to speed) oops


19th Airwing Command


Class limit increased to 5 (previously 3)

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