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StarwarsRP Update [08/18/2022]

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Squad System

Out with the old, in with the new.


As opposed to polishing the turd of a Squad system we had created back in 2017, it was time I adapted and modified a more modern solution for squad and communications. Using a communications base created by a very good developer, Nicolas, I've decided to make some modification to work better for our community.


Old features such as halos and UI elements are present, however, this new system allows for the utilization of "G" chat in order to speak strictly to faction members, almost as some form of an in-game VOIP, and furthermore, accessibility is much easier, as there's no more necessity to type in /squad in order to open a menu, but rather, simply hold your key "C" for Context Menu, and navigate through the menu


This system would allow for "Passive Participation" meaning that CG for instance could join the communications channels of a squad and listen in for any illegal activities, or otherwise, for joint operation purposes 


Finally, Super Admins will have the ability to create more channels on-the-go, so there is no need for further development from myself 😄




Gamemaster Tools

/Explode Command

Gamemasters and T. Admins+ will be able to utilize the command /explode with the arguments small/medium/large in order to create an immersive explosion

This tool is to strictly be used during events when necessary, and unnecessary/excessive use will result in a removal from the staff team


Small Explosion



Large Explosion





No Collide Everything

This tool has been added to the server

GMs can now disable collisions between props and the world itself

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