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Rust Update [08/31/2022]

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I didn't want to make an update thread but @DripOsiris threatened me and my family otherwise, so I made a Rust update thread.



Global Changes

Raid Block


Corrected a bug by which C4 and Satchel Charges would not trigger a raidblock across our servers


Online Player List

Added additional commands that can be utilized to print a list of online players

"pop" and "population"





On all servers, the number of moderators that can be promoted in a clan has been changed to 1 less than the max members allowed

IE: 5x Quad now has a moderator limit of 3 (previously 2)

2x Quad now has a moderator limit of 3 (previously 2)




1000x Anarchy

Decay Rates


Twigs and walls located out of TC range will now decay at an accelerated rate of 7-8 minutes per entity


Furnace Splitter


Managing ores in a furnace will be entirely automated by the server, simply requiring you to drag and drop your ores and fuel sources

Additionally, the smelting rate has been increased 4x


Bright Nights


All servers will be set to a date featuring a full moon at sunset, resulting in significantly higher visibility at nighttime




2x Global


The trade window has been reduced to one singular row consisting of 5 items


Loot Tables


Chances for MLRS has been increased by 33%


Item Stacking

Enabled stacking for 0 wear attire items



Bio 309



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