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[MilitaryRP] Server Rules

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Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment.


  • Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch): Don’t shoot players without proper reason.
  • Do not NLR (New Life Rule): Don’t return to your location of death (out of war) for 5 minutes, or use info from your past life.
  • Do not Disrespect in Out of Character (OOC) Chat: Out of character applies to both OOC chat and administrative situations. This also means no harassment. Do not target other players in any OOC platform that is related to Garnet Gaming. Doing so will result in appropriate punishment at the discretion of staff.
  • Do not FRP (FailRP): FailRP is the term applied to actions which are not realistic in a well roleplayed Military scenario. This includes Bhopping in war.
  • Vigilantism: The situation in which one behaves as an administrator when a player has broken the rules and/or the situation in which one punishes another player for the rule(s) they broke. Do not do this. Eg. RDMing a mass RDMer
  • Do not Impersonate: Changing your name to resemble that of another player in an attempt to act like them, or hurt their reputation.
  • Do not Spam Chats: The use of OOC/Advert chat to display unwanted messages sent in bulk, rather than one for every reasonable time period, is unacceptable.
  • Do not Misuse the Report System: Our /report system's sole use is in order to effectively communicate with staff, letting them know of an issue. If one uses /report incorrectly, it may result in an impeded response time for our staff team's performance.



  • Do not shoot at anyone unless it is in a war, raid, authorized kidnap scenario, or claimed area. Never fire on a teammate unless it is simulations or enforcing a claim.
  • You may KOS any enemy that has an explosive in their hand, regardless of whether it is war or not.



  • Tryouts
    • Only members of your faction may attend your tryouts.
    • Eg. Only Marines can try out for MARSOC. The exception to this is tryouts for SEALs, Delta Force, and Vega.
  • Denial of Tryout
    • Officers of a given faction that are hosting tryouts hold every right to deny you from joining their faction - their reasoning may be based on anything from your in-game statistics (kill-death) as well as your attitude in 3rd party OOC networks. Eg. Your attitude on the forums and Teamspeak is childish, therefore you may not join MARSOC.
  • Sub-factions & Branches
    • You may not use /jobs in order to create your own faction, setting yourself from other people. The only factions you may join and be a part of are to be found on the F4 menu. In addition, you may not set your job to something that is FailRP. You may only change your job from what it originally is to a proper RP squad/fireteam name for War/Raids/Sims. IE: using /job AFSOC: Infantry in order to establish the Air Force faction, or using /job to make your job “Service Dog”
  • Spawn/Base Camping: Do not shoot players that are within their base walls during a war.
    • Raid Rescue: You may advert a raid rescue (without hosting a briefing if you so choose) to rescue a member of your faction (eg. GB rescuing their fellow GB) who has been kidnapped. You must know they are kidnapped through RP and can only raid rescue if the kidnapee is being held hostage at a location that is not in the enemy base.
    • Kidnapping: You must be an O-1+ accompanied by at least 2 others in order to kidnap an enemy that is by themselves (and not in a reasonable line of vision of their friendlies). You may only hold them for up to 15 minutes unless both parties (kidnapper and kidnapee) come to an agreement. If you are being kidnapped, you may not fire back on the kidnappers.
    • Countering Kidnaps: You may advert counter kidnap if you witness one of your teammates being kidnapped within 15 seconds of their kidnapping. You may shoot any opposing faction member that is within a reasonable vicinity of your teammate that was kidnapped.
  • Raiding
    • All targets in the enemy base is fair game during a raid, including those in buildings. The only thing not allowed is the intentional spawn camp of the enemy, such as setting a bipod on Cafe Baltic window and gunning Vega members down as they spawn.
    • You must be an O-1+ and host a briefing prior to your raid on the enemy base. You must then advert raid. Attackers have 1 life, defenders have unlimited.
    • Recruits and trainers may also be KOS'd in a raid. Those leading their tryouts may also be subject to the raid rules if they are within the base walls or firing back while outside of the base.
    • Defenders may not actively participate in the raid if they are not within a reasonable distance of their base during a raid. Example: Don't shoot RU attacking US base while you are in Outpost.
    • The cooldown per country is 10 minutes. Raids must not exceed 5 minutes in length.


  • Advert Misuse: The Advert chat may only be used to deliver important in-character information or server announcements. Eg. Raid/Kidnap
  • Links in chat: Posting links that are not associated with the Garnet Forums and/or faction google documents in chat is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a warning for a non-GG link.
  • COMMS: Just like adverts, COMMS is an in-character form of communication. COMMS is only usable by friendlies IC unless stated otherwise.
  • OOC: No racist or derogatory terms in OOC.



  • Self Promotion: Do not appoint yourself to a rank you have not earned.
  • Permission to Speak: PTS is a form of communication control used by your faction's leaders. When PTS is active, you may not speak without being granted permission to.
  • KOS Zones/Claims: You may claim any area of the map (apart from your own or the enemy’s base) as long as it is clear what you are claiming and it can be reasonably identified by other players. In addition, you may KOS said claimed area to those that are not in your faction or not authorized to be there, and kill them should they intrude on your claim, friendly or not. A faction has a claim until they unclaim it.
  • PTL: E-4+ in all factions may bring lower enlisted below the rank of E-4 with them out of base without granting a formal PTL as long as the enlisted below E-4 follow the E-4+.
  • Faction Leaders: If you have been recently promoted to a General's position, you may appoint officers to a general rank as well, so long as there are availability and proper reasoning.
  • Promotions: When somebody comes off of reserves, they must wait a total of 2 weeks + the standard time promotion for the appropriate rank. Ex: 2ndLt comes off reserves and the cooldown from 2ndLt to 1stLt is 2 weeks. The person will wait 3 weeks total. 
    • Warrant Officer and Junior Officer Ranks (CWO's, WO's, OCdt's, JLT's) will have a minimum of 5 days between promotions.
    • Officer promotions will have a minimum of 1 week between promotions.
    • 2nd in command positions will only be open to those currently holding an active officer rank.
  • Demotions: In order for a demotion to take place, you must have valid reasoning to back yourself up, whether they be from in-character, or out-of-character. 3rd Party applications such as snapchat images/PMs over FaceBook are not valid.
  • Documents: The altering of the documents of your respective faction without permission/valid reasoning is strictly forbidden, and may be considered sabotage. Doing so will result in a 1-week ban and permanent blacklist from said faction.
  • Bias: You must treat all members of your faction equally, regardless of their age or sex. If excessive bias behavior is picked up on, it may result in your immediate demotion.
    • This rule may be loosely applied to tryouts. Competent tryout leaders may deny the right of someone to tryout for their faction if it is followed with logical and sound reasoning.
  • Wars: When the player base is sub 50 players, the highest on from each side may communicate in order to exclude objectives from an ongoing/upcoming war.
  • Precap: All players must be within their respective base walls before the 2-minute mark until the war starts. Being outside your base walls after the 2-minute mark will result in a warning for Precap and a respawn.


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