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[TTT] Server Rules

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Disclaimer: it is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment.


Trouble in Terrorist Town Rules - Last updated December 7th, 2019


General Rules

  • The usage of 3rd party tools may result in a ban.
  • Do not impersonate other users (This includes having identical or similar names).
  • Do not share links on the server/forums (Unless associated with Steam / Garnet Gaming).
  • Do not spam chat.
  • Do not disrupt the game's environment via harassment or trolling (false callouts).
  • Do not abuse exploits or loopholes. (reporting those to staff may earn you a reward)
  • Prop killing or otherwise minging with props will result in punishment
  • Do not idle (the use of any parameters through console that would stop you from being moved into the Spectators' team)
  • Do not disrespect or use racism against other members of the community
  • Holding traitor weapons is not grounds for KOS (they may be picked up by anybody)
  • DDoS threats or the publicizing of other member's private information (DOX) will result in a permanent ban.
  • Do not block (making it so other players cannot enter another room by standing in the way)
  • Do not Ghost (give away information through third party such as Teamspeak to another player)
  • Do not door spam
  • Non-Detectives cannot claim rooms/areas




Detective & Innocent Rules

  • Committing traitorous acts is strictly against the rules
  • Do NOT bait other players into RDMing (impersonating/falsely admitting to being a Traitor)
  • Do not declare another user is a Traitor without overwhelming proof 
  • You cannot force another user to obey your orders unless mandated by a Detective
  • Do not RDM (you must have overwhelming evidence that somebody is perceived to be a Traitor prior to killing them) unless acting in self defense



Traitor Rules

  • Do not give away other Traitors' names
  • You MUST work together with your peers
  • Do not RDM other Traitors, even in self defense.



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