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[Rust] Punishment Guidelines

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Offense Level

Systematic grading for offenses as well as their punishments

1 - Warning

2 - One hour mute & Warning

3 - One day mute & Warning

4 - Permanent mute & Warning

5 - One day ban

6 - One week ban

7 - Permanent ban


Warning System

Automated punishment system with pre-determined guidelines that works independently for automation purposes

1 - No action taken

2 - No action taken

3 - Automated day ban

4 - No action taken

5 - Automated week ban



Offenses & Severity

Grading criteria for offenses

These may be lowered or heightened based off of prior users' behavior (IE: new user being unaware of rules against foul language in chat may simply receive a lowered Level 1 offense)

Level 1

Chat Spam

Level 2

Foul language in chat

Racism in chat

Level 3

Repeated chat offenses

Level 4

Targeted racist/insulting behavior in chat

Level 5

Incorrect roaming/raiding/basing group size (Zerg)

Repeatedly hostile/toxic behavior

Player impersonation

Level 6

Bug exploitation

Map exploitation

Staff Impersonation

Level 7

Server advertisement

Hacking (use of 3rd party software)

Ban evasion

Threats to/publication of other players' information (DOX)

Threats/Attempts to disrupt server's normal traffic  (DDoS)



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