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[NOTICE] Donation Support - 1 Year Limit

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Garnet Gaming

To whom it may concern, it appears that PayPal no longer lets recipients and senders view transactions that are over a year of age. As such, I can no longer provide support to donations that are over a year old.

I'm not sure what the reason is for this change, and it may just be temporary, but I've spoke to other PayPal merchants like myself and they confirmed the same thing is occurring to them.

To my best knowledge, PayPal is legally required to store data for up to 7 years due to 'statute of limitations' or taxation,  so i'm not sure why this change.

I'm sure I will be receiving alot of backlash for this, however, please know it's entirely out of my control, and due to the sheer amount of chargebacks and disputes that come with the nature of Garry's Mod (anywhere from 10-33% of transactions at a given year) I cannot blindly reassign packages without a transaction ID.




this is what transaction history looks like on my end (trying to look up a transaction made in 2017)


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To anybody who needs a better idea of what's happening on my end:


Once you attach a transaction ID to the search, it will legitimately not allow you to look for anything older than a year. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but we will have to wait and see 😞 

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Will you reset someone donation packages on Prometheus to allow them to rebuy if they cannot A. Find their transaction ID or B. It's older than one year old?

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Void this post! It took PayPal an entire month but they were able to resolve the issue, I am now able to fix custom classes that are up to 1095 (3 years) old. March 2017 and forward currently!

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