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Loading Screen Pictures!

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I'm currently working on a new version for our loading screen on both DarkRP and MilitaryRP that'd consist of screenshots from actual gameplay on said servers 🙂

If you have any funny/cool/interesting pictures taken from the server, feel more than free to share them here, and they could be featured on the loading screen!

Thank you everybody.

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This one happened right in front of RU base. right before coyote made fun of them for doing PT. 


I have way too many ss from SSO. ethan kinda yelled at us if we didn’t screenshot something. so here’s 2GA overpowering us all.


definitely one of my favorites in my collection. Everyone hated ethan’s DB raids. 


Again, one of my favorites. This one is less about being funny, but it shows the grind and hard work people put onto this server. 

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I mean I definitely don’t have my pictures atm because I’m on my phone (I’ll add them later) but if you would ever like me to possibly do an edit of these pics id be more than happy to. (I’ll post those later as well, when I’m off my phone)

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9 hours ago, PrisonNightmare said:

Don't know if any of these are goods, but here are some that I have that I thought could be pretty cool 😛 They're pretty old, but they still pretty cool i think lol.






How he get his lerp so low tho 0.0 


wish we could use this one but, you know, reasons.....



This one is ight except for the guns coming out of their crotch. 


This one would be dope for the Halloween map update.

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I can edit the SSs I receive from the event server trailer with adobe lighroom, camera raw and photoshop. Let this be an example I have shown.



White balance corrected
Colors are made lifelike
Motion Blur added
Lens Flare added
and some spicy secret stuff

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5 hours ago, Bishopil said:

Using screenshots from the event server trailer would be a good idea 


Take your pick. The trailer only runs for about three minutes, but I have about an hour of footage and a few scenes that didn't make the final cut because they didn't flow cinematic-ally or were too hard to coordinate, but would be fine for the purpose of static images.

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