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MilitaryRP Update [04/01/2020]

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Enjoy this one!

voice any concerns in the comments and I will address them as best I can.



GRU Models



New GRU models have been made with updated hurtboxes! Implemented on next restart. 




Debrief Rules

New Rules will be added in order to improve performance in briefing scenarios. These rules include:
- No more than 10 people in the same room at a time. 

-Persons who have recently traveled will not be allowed to participate in Debrief, you must change classes as to respawn/purify your model.
-Leaving Debrief for nonessential reasons will result in a jail up to 15 minutes in time.

-Debrief is cancelled for the foreseeable future.




Event Server
Cancelled due to COVID-19.




Event Server will be shut down until further notice. 



Physics Homework

The Homework has been completed.

Final Temperature is 38.9 degrees Celsius.


L115 Canted Sights


Angled sights added to L115, Thanks @shrimps!

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My main concern is that the second GRU model shown is not wearing a face mask of any kind. How are we supposed to protect ourselves from COVID-19 when people like that are roaming the streets without protection? I ask that you hold off on releasing them until a replacement is found. Thank you.

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2 minutes ago, Bortnik said:

I don’t understand anything about the DB stuff

If you can't follow procedure, just remain in self-quarantine with the exception of war. Remember to stay 6ft away from RU soldiers, you never know what these rats are carrying.

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Personally not a fan of the canted sight on the L115. It would be a lot better if the canted sight was an ACOG without a crosshair, as it would promote more "skilled" gameplay. A tiny oversight on Shrimp and your behalf, but I'll let it slide. 

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I can offically report that the staff team is taking great measures to ensure the safety of all Garnet Gaming Citizens during these rough times. Be sure to constantly spam all of MRP staff as well as DarkRP staff if you have a question about the Rust 2x rules.

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