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MilitaryRP Update [04/24/2020]


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2 minutes ago, Garnet said:

Just to confirm, the only issues I found with GRU would be that everywhere registers as a body shot?

Yes, that was the main issue.

Aidan reminded me they're very short, there may be some complaints about headglitching, but I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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2 minutes ago, huskaii said:

so rust if rubbing off on you eh

Bigger communities with like 5-7 tiers are rubbing off on me + a lack of funding for 5+ years that shouldn't have happened, but yeah.

2 minutes ago, AwesomeAidan said:

They also are a bunch of midget men but not much we can do about that

Russians aren't known for height

2 minutes ago, PraetorDon said:

Spetznaz GRU : Bighead

No issues with the head hitbox size, ye?

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5 minutes ago, Garnet said:

No issues with the head hitbox size, ye?

As far as I know they're fine, granted no one has played GRU commander other than to set whitelists/use vehicles.

I can do some testing in a bit here.

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