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[MRP] Reserves Removal

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You're telling me if a leader spends 1 year devoted to the faction, he leaves the server for a short amount of time and he comes back and shouldn't get reserves back? Sorry I disagree with this. I see the perspective of why you are removing it but I also think there could be a better way to rework reserves as a whole. Such as leaving to H.Admin+ discretion whether or not you keep the reserves, or the leader get to keep their reserves anyone lower between O-5 to O-1, leaders have to get permission by an executive to grant the reserves 

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With all due respect, this is just a flat-out retarded decision. There are many negatives to removing reserves like this, and honestly, most of them require common sense to see. Before I start, this is coming from a BASE FACTION standpoint, as this is where this new policy has the most negative effects.

Firstly, removing reserves just limits our pool for anymore experienced officers, and officers in general. For example, if it weren't for SSP or LT reserves, me nor @Millerjerm2 would be in the positions we are now. This just shows that having LT reserves is beneficial to a faction, as if they come off reserves, it can be a major help to the faction, and of course, these people are typically active members of the server. Also, as if this was obvious enough already, I dont just have experienced warrant officers sitting around, waiting to get promoted, I have to find a person with potential and then teach them leadership, ways of the server, etc. Yet, if somebody comes off LT reserves, then it basically allows me to have a decently seasoned officer and new one easily.

Also, if ANYONE has spent time being an officer in an entry faction, then they know that it is time consuming, exhausting, and requires care and effort. Consistently doing tryouts, making sure enlisted (and other officers) are disciplined, and staying on for hours just interacting with the enlisted and other members of the server in general is not particularly an easy job, and in my opinion, most people in an entry faction should deserve reserves with various exceptions (they got to LT and left immediately, acted retarded while being an officer, and other along the lines of this). Then, why should somebody become an officer if they wont have anything to show for it? Why should anybody be LEADING that faction, if all they're going to get is a somewhat good reputation and a name in a hall? It just makes no sense. For example. most former marshals have led 2GA for around a little more than a month and left, the only two exceptions are Flame and VBSA. Also, most of these former marshals still play the server, and the older ones don't really play the server much anymore and for the most part,  and have disappeared with the exception of maybe one or two. 

In the end, the new reserves wipe was done to reinforce an outdated purpose that obviously won't change the server for the better. 

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My quick two cents. 

A dominant theme I‚Äôm seeing in¬†a lot of the responses opposing this change is that faction leaders or officers with tenure should have reserves. I disagree. There have been some AWFUL leaders and WORTHLESS officers who were with a faction for a long period of time. Tenure and having an O-6/O-11 rank ‚Ȇ you being productive and leaving a positive lasting impact on a faction. No one is entitled to reserves.¬†

Having said that, I think limiting reserves to medical emergencies, PC problems, etc is a little unfair to the people who have done all the right things. Sometimes a few bad apples does spoil the whole bunch and you’ll have to live with it. That’s life and I’m willing to accept that I can have my reserves taken away due to others’ mistakes. However people like Prison should 100% have their case heard and retain reserves. These are people who have a positive impact every time they return to the server and don’t go active due to playtime restraints.

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3 hours ago, Garnet said:

Cameron is NOT active,

Hm? Im still very active within the community via DarkRP and playing SWRP. Ive told Malmood right now im focusing on my finals for college which just ended yesterday. Im in the same boat as Prison Nightmare, right now my schedule cant help with serious long term role play responsibility so I wouldn't leave my reserves in 2GA if I couldn't fulfill the role. Im not going to cry and throw a baby tantrum to get a O-1 reserve on the docs or I would of already commented on this thread, because realistically you are right and I dont think ill ever be active again on MRP to ever hop off reserves for a entry faction, but I agree with Prison Nightmare that you shouldn't group every one who disagreed with the statement of all reserves getting wiped are either abusing reserves to not help one specific faction (Ive only been officer in 055 and 2GA). My disagreement with the new ruling is the same as Prison Nightmare is people spend a lot of time working up in a faction and now they have to start back at ground zero.

My only suggestion would be to cap reserves either to be WO or high enlisted but you have to reach a certain rank cap like O-3 to be placed on reserves and if someone wanted to be taken off reserves they would have to do a TS meeting with a Manager+ and the leader of the faction on why they should be taken off reserves.

Also  if upper staff are concerned with people hopping factions with reserves why not make it like SWRP and have it if you leave a faction to join another faction you get removed from the prior faction and start fresh with the new faction. 

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4 minutes ago, Cameron said:

Also  if upper staff are concerned with people hopping factions with reserves why not make it like SWRP and have it if you leave a faction to join another faction you get removed from the prior faction and start fresh with the new faction. 

your whole statement just gets fucked by this last sentence... you are now arguing for the removal of reserves by saying this...

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11 minutes ago, Ting said:

your whole statement just gets fucked by this last sentence... you are now arguing for the removal of reserves by saying this...

Not at all. This leaves the door open for people who just can’t play often (ie Prison) and shuts it for people who swap factions but expect reserves. 

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About a year ago, I could be considered one of the people who used reserves to much. I lead enough factions to be "special" reserves in roughly 3 or 4 factions. I honestly feel as though I was one of the reasons for it being made O1. I think this was thought out in the same fashion. However I think a couple parts are fine. Like having to have excutives approve reserves, to prevent abuse from occurring and maybe a cap on how many reserves for officer a faction can have period, and only one reserves at any time. Wiping it completly, isn't really the most popular for several reasons, mostly because its all at once, without people being alerted. I feel as though this might be because of people moving to starwars, or like the joke how us soc get reserved and swap to russia. You can't be surprised by a sudden decision like this being unpopular, and you can't just bend because of complaints. I would like to keep my reserves yes, and you can't blame others for feeling the same. Its not just a week to obtain them, some people its months. Really this is something that can be easily handled on a case by case bases.

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1 minute ago, Dillan said:

Wiping it completly, isn't really the most popular for several reasons, mostly because its all at once, without people being alerted.

It wasn't done "all at once" and was definitely phased out a bit prior to making the final decision. Aidan, Jim, and Garnet had felt that it was best to actually define and utilize a guideline when it came to reserves: reserves were only for officers (O-1, of course) and players who were considered "on reserves" had no officer powers (with few exceptions in activities requiring permission from the leader of their faction).

More of a confirmed (there were rumors that this was likely gonna happen) heads-up would've been nice so that people who had potentially wanted to return using their reserves could've been given the chance to do so.

42 minutes ago, 0zzy said:

Tenure and having an O-6/O-11 rank ‚Ȇ you being productive and leaving a positive lasting impact on a faction.

Understand too that leaders down the line often revert any and all changes from their predecessors as they simply disagreed with how the faction was being run at that time. And I'm sure you do but I'm pointing it out specifically before people form more toxic, negative ideas about previous leaders who were indeed some form of successful (simple examples being Ethan and Conway).

47 minutes ago, Cameron said:

Also  if upper staff are concerned with people hopping factions with reserves why not make it like SWRP and have it if you leave a faction to join another faction you get removed from the prior faction and start fresh with the new faction. 

This is how reserves should be handled. From what I heard about the community before I started playing, it worked a bit like that but wasn't widely enforced as it was per faction rather than server-wide; leaders were smart in how they handled themselves, much more than they are now. People just seemed to lose touch with that, started handing reserves to people who were previously removed or that were their friends. Sad result.

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I think removing the reserves completely is one of the worst things that can be done.
Although this decision seems to be made to reduce the transition between special forces, it will hurt the head of base factions such as 2GA.

As an old marshal, I can say that if I did not have reserves, it would be impossible to keep 2GA alive when I first came.
What do you expect people to do?
While there is help from experienced people who have already proven themselves, inexperienced and poor quality people will have to be promoted only because of the need for officer.

And as far as I know, when you go out of reserves in 2GA, if you are not active for a certain period of time, your reserve is being removed.
Leaving that decision up to Marshal is just common sense.
I think that's the most logical thing.

As I said, although it is a logical application for special forces, it should not be such an application for Base factions.


7 hours ago, Garnet said:

Here you go, a list of people composed mostly of those who abuse the reserves system and don't contribute to any one specific faction, because they're too busy being inactive or hopping between them.

I would like to add by stating that I am against this decision that I only switch to my reserve when a help is needed.

Since I live in a very different timezone, when I enter the game in the morning or at noon (I think it's midnight 4-5 am for you guys), there are almost 30-40 people and most of them are soldiers who are waiting for training or who want to do tryout. As the clock is late for you, you guess that no officer is online. I switch to 2GA reserve every time, train them, tour the map with car and make tryout for them, so that they can give this server another chance when they wake up tomorrow morning.

But it's sad to be unable to do such things anymore. This was the only reason I got into the game in the morning and at noon.

(These things I mentioned can also be experienced during the active times of the game.)

(sorry for my shitty grammar as usual)

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On paper, I agree with the decision. But in practice, all that this really done is ensure that those people who left and suddenly have nothing to come back to now have no reason to come back to the server.  Regardless of the logic or maturity behind that.  Maybe this could turn out to be ultimately for the best, but right now from the looks of it,  this is something the community is against it. 

At the bare minimum, recent older leaders should be able to have reserves,  should the faction they just led fall apart, but lose them after at least 2 people come after you. 

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Reserves has a lot of issues but I don't think that means the system needs to be cleared. Staff moderation is a good idea and should of been a thing years ago.

Reserves does offer incentive for players to come back who are long gone. Clearly the fact that players come back and use these ranks to gain instant power after not being in the loop for quite some time is an issue. Too many times to count where a player comes back and holds an officer rank and either snags the leadership once it dies or tries to make a stand for another faction they aren't apart of. To eliminate that is to restrict how much power and access reserved players have. It's a reserved rank, so really there shouldn't be any power to begin with. The rank is as simple as being an extra body on the whitelist that's really there to just assist the leader or active officers with things like tryouts and sims. 

Make it so reserved players can't come off reserves until a  solid 2 weeks+ of activity on the server. I've done it myself where I've came back and played for a bit, came of a reserved rank within about 2 or 3 days and realised I wasn't really enjoying the server and left. If not that, you could simply make it so if someone decides to come off reserves they just restart at the base rank of the faction and rework themselves up. Better than no reserves.

This doesn't bother me so much because I've lost the majority of my reserved ranks on this server anyways for bullshit or X reasons, but also because everytime I've came back on a reserved rank I don't tend stay there very long. But I thought to add some imput because I don't agree with the way it's being handled regardless of how much it affects me.

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One thing I keep seeing brought up is that reserves can help factions which are struggling. I am not denying that when utilized properly, reserves have been able to assist "dead" factions. I had the exact same point of view on reserves a month ago as a lot of people in this thread. I thought reserves were a right, not a privileged. But in the past month I have seen and dealt with countless problems and issues brought up by reserves even before we had implemented the guidelines. Of course, not everyone is able to see these issues themselves as they are brought to the executive team and not the community. A month ago I would have laughed at a reserves wipe, now I see that reserves have been the source of a lot of problems, toxicity, and privileged.  I understand why faction leaders are be upset about this, but I am willing to do anything to help a faction if it is dying. If a faction leader comes and speaks to me saying they need help and suggests putting the right people in the faction to help it, i am not going to deny them that. I will assist any faction i can and make sure that every faction has the right people in it to help fix it, not the wrong people.

Also, to the people saying this was posted late at night to avoid community backlash, that is not the case. It is common sense that this would have been huge no matter what time of day it was posted. It was posted late at night for no actual reason, no different from it being posted during the day.

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