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[MRP] Reserves Removal

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First of all, I do not think you show a toxic approach. You just say what you think. And this is perfectly normal. no bad feelings

And you're right about something, maybe 90% of those on the list were people who didn't deserve to be there. I'm talking only for 10% who deserve to be there.  In other words, clearing the reserves may be a logical decision, but it is nothing but unfair for the minority who works hard and deserves to be there. I'm just trying to find the midpoint. 
The decision for this should either be made by marshal or made jointly with staff. Thats my stand.

I had no intention of bragging about being a Marshal. I just stood on it to show my sympathy for the current marshal soldier. Do not think that I was crying for this, as I will find the way and help 2GA under any circumstances, whether I have an LT reserve or not. It is not a problem for me to start over when I want to go back to 2GA. But still i have to fight for who deserves reserves. Cuz i feel like i should.

When I finish, I would like to justify myself in a subject.



 Most of which probably would have gotten reserves from you had they left, despite how incompetent they were.

During my 5-month marshalism period, only 2 people were able to pass the JR officer stage and one still continues as an officer. The other name could not get LT reserve when he resign. But maybe I deleted the reserves of many names that I thought didn't deserve LT reserves.
I never like to defend myself in a public place, because the issues can slip into ridiculous places (as it is now). But I would like you to know that nobody who does not deserve has no reserves. I was not in a position to judge the names before me, but I made sure that everyone in my administration received just what it deserved.

If you want to talk about this issue , you know where to find me.

I also respect your views on this subject and I will speak here with respect.

I do not think that hearts need to be broken for this little subject.



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56 minutes ago, Kendal said:

@Torch rather than jumping to the toxic response of "wah wah" like @Bishopil essentially did (although he really isn't wrong)

So if he isn't wrong... then why call out his "really isn't wrong" response? Huh???

He makes a valid argument, just like a few other people on this thread who oppose it. The main point of bringing it up though is his generalization that the people who are opposed are only thinking of themselves so they can keep a powerless rank on a fictional roleplay server that they don't seem to play, and how they'll leave eventually because they are "short term" (the connotation of his statement didn't sit right, and although it is an assumption it read as though players are just disposable and meaningless). Some of the people who oppose the removal of reserves are active leaders. Everybody's discussion in this is important as it affects everyone who plays or has played MRP - even people who aren't active on MRP anymore (@Bishopil included since he's a SWRP main).

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I understand why everyone mad but this is an announcement not a discussion for the community to put their opinion on. Y'all should put in a suggestion to remove this if y'all really disagree with it. 

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I feel like this thread has had enough responses, I am going to lock it now. I did not want to lock it at first as this is a touchy topic and i did not want people to feel overlooked or worthless but this thread has been up for enough time for everyone to put their opinion on it.

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