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*NEW SERVER* TTT Rotations OPEN BETA [05/18/2020]

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Garnet Gaming

After ~4 months of @Enigma assisting in running our TTT server at full capacity (35/35) for many hours out of the day, I've finally taken note and grown an interest in expanding upon TTT. Our only server for half a year now was created in a day on one single Minecraft map with no real purpose. Welp, over the last two months I've slowly made progress on integrating Garnet's custom content onto TTT, and the work has finally paid off, as I'm ready to open a PROPER "full-fledged" TTT server, starting with Minecraft Rotations.


Minecraft - Rotations Server


Complete D3A integration,

re-written classic TTT Detective and Traitor Weapons


Heavily optimized performance for FPS/stability

Additional security (crash prevention modules)

Table of 18 unique Minecraft maps, including B5, Terminal, Haven, and Downtown


Might be a struggle to get this going, might end up being a breeze and everything is good to go. Only time will tell!

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"sorry, you can not add anymore reactions today" 

I am more than excited to see how this server goes, as I have said before and will continue to say: This is only the beginning for GarnetGaming TTT.

Little sneak-peak for Detective below 😃

( ignore the double AWP) It’s been fixed


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